We want our free mining barge instead of the plex pls

Greetings fellow Miners o/

Today on the launcher we seen some fireworks create containing a few rather boring looking fireworks and we had really wished that there would be a brand new mining barge in our stocking this year.

Like thanks heaps for the 20 plex and all, it’s just going to be delivered to our HS leader yet here we are left without a mining barge to load in the new sparkling fireworks.
(sidenote. where is the fireworks launcher?)

Lastly we really appreciate immensely the new opportunities folder tab with the side bar icons and thank you very much for our gift this year, we are sure that our princess will be happy with my 20 plex, though please for next year could I please receive a mining barge instead?

Keep up the great work,

Chad o/



No, though there will be soup for our Highsec Leader today

you know you could just buy your new barge with this plex ? oO


Sell the plex. That’s like 80 to 100 mill right there. Or buy a fancy sweater in the shop.
And the launcher came like 2 weeks ago. You can buy them for little in any hub.
Hell… I am still sitting on 5 of them. How many do you need?
And that you pay your plex to someone else is really no ones fault but your own.

EDIT: If people go on complaining about the freebies we get, we all will end up getting nothing.


You can always throw it in a specific container floating in space, right next to the stockpile of 4500 PLEX in it. :wink:

Seriously we all should had received a mining barge instead of this dumb plex.

Not even our Highsec Princess wanted this plex.

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Maybe she put you on ignore in-game too. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:



In 2024 starting from first day of business CCP could begin fixing and improving the game. So every work day and in every patch something essential will get fixed or improved or added. Then come Christmas and New Years that will be their gift. A game that is worthy of anyones time and money.

they done this all day long … fixing → repairing bugs and other stuff … and develope new content ! why should this change in 2024 oO they need to do the same things like they have done the last 20 years !

again … they do it the last 20 years so its no change xD

and now its not ? xD then i´m wondering why so many players still play this game and pay their sub :wink:

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