Scarcity, how the gankers don't want you to see and think about it

how long will it be before the penny drops for the miners and industrialist?
They took minerals away, and moved them to Low and Null Sec for ‘scarcity’
but hey… there’s Low and Null Sec minerals available in HS in a win-win situation for the miners and industrialists…
there are low and null sec minerals in things like Points, Scrams, Webs, and Neuts…
so it’s a win-win… you get your minerals, and some of the ganker’s toys end up in your BPO production rather than in the market for the Gankers, creating ‘scarcity’ for them…
as an extra bonus, Buying points, scrams, webs and neuts off the market is cheaper than buying replacement ships… and every one you take off the market, means one less they can use to gank you…

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That’s not how these things work.

If there is a scarcity of “ganker” modules, then there is profit in it and someone will fill the demand and take that profit. And if there really is that much demand or a lack of supply, it ain’t especially hard for a “ganker” to click a couple times and produce a few batches of them.

But let’s hope there is indeed some scarcity for these modules as that means CCP is improving the industrial game which is still today mired in overproduction. But there is still so much stuff out there and being produced, I am afraid more changes are needed.


True, but there are a few factors to that too.

  1. the Miners/Industrialists don’t -need- Points, Scrams, Webs and Neuts to do their thing, so don’t have a driving need to produce them.
  2. if some want to produce the stuff that will be used to gank them, then all would be justified in telling them to zip it, as they made their bed, now sleep in it.
  3. if the gankers want to just ‘click a few buttons’ and produce their toys, then they’d have to be out there mining and getting the materials to make them, so would be just as vulnerable to -other- gankers as how they see the miners/industrialists as ‘prey’ now.

Theyd need to reduce the drop rate on these items from basic HS rats first.

Quickest way to get any of the above items is immolate a few anomalies.


Don’t gankers produce the vast majority of their items themselves anyway? At least the big time groups do not go to Jita to buy their gank Catalysts or Taloses. They produce them with their alts because it is much cheaper and meets their requirements much more closely.

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but you’ll often her them bad-mouthing the miners and industrialists that they like to prey on, no?

Typical PVP crybaby…
oh, they are finding ways within the rules, to not have to do what -we- like and -they- don’t, CCP Nerf them, so they -have- to play with us…

What? What are you talking about?
There isnt a scarcity of these items, and unless the drop rates change there isnt going to be.

And yes, gun mining them is very handy.

But I dont understand your point, nor do I see what I said has to do with your wierd response.

I pointed out that scarcity could be made, if the ‘carebares’ were to start doing things like removing points, scrams, webs and neuts from the market by reprocessing them for the minerals, and making them scarce in the market… your first response was ‘CCP will have to NERF the drops’…

No, my response was “Theyd need to reduce the drop rate on these items from basic HS rats first.”

As in for your idea to work this would need to happen before the supply of the materials could be controlled.

I didnt say I felt CCP should do this. I said you would need them to do it for your plan to work.

then it’s just a case of us thinking the same thing, but phrasing it differently.
If you look at my post, it’s saying it would be bad for gankers if the ‘carebears’ wake up and go “hey, wait a minute, if we start reprocessing these, we don’t -have- to go to low/null, and there will be less of them for the gankers to use against us”

Ima big fan of gun mining, but the sad truth is since the amount of minerals that can be gained is 50% of those used, it takes quite a while to amass them.

true, but they haven’t been taken away from the other areas, like scraps from rats may be the easiest way for low/null to get Trit, without having to go into HS to trade for it.
and as far as it taking a while to amass them, the carebear miners have shown they have the patience to suck rocks…

Best thing about scraps is they are very small compared to raw trit.

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true… and the Rats will even bring it to you, if the belt has been mined out

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Good for them, I guess ?
Are there players who do a veriety of “careers” in New Eden or they mostly stick to a couple while they sneer at other players who do them ? Just curious.
I personally try everything. I guess all those activities converge somehow and I like to see how.

I’m not going to spend my game time - about 3h a day - doing all that when I can do what I’d rather want all while watching out for gankers or other threats entering my system.
I look at genkers as a sort or very sophisticated, advanced alien A.I technology tougher NPCs like those in Ghost Recon, only killed by headshot ( baiting ) and avoiding they gang up or you better hightail out of there.
GAME OVER… oh well, time for another ship.

ask scoots and solstice :wink:

Funny how you call somebody you misunderstood a cry-baby… when you sounds like you are doing the same. So your complaint is ok… not when somebody else complains? Then it means they are crying?

You Cry baby


Actually, I was just echoing the folks who always claim ‘carebare’ with a tag in kind… so they could see hwowit looks from the other side.

Or are you trying to say that there are not folks like Scoots and Solstice who start out their comments/replies with “Typical Carebear”?

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You’ve written this solely in the attempt to conceal a brief loss of emotional self control.

You’re a liar.

I’ve only ever written “typical” fourteen times … this one not included.

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How about you just ■■■■ off?