Part stack of items into two with one hand


hello eve community

i am a little bit handicapped in my left hand
almost everything i need to do in eve works with one hand
but one thing would be really great for me - and for every other one hand player
if you wanne part a stack of items you need two hands - shift-key and mouse drag :frowning:
it would be a big relief if the upcoming little window where to enter the amount of items of the new stack could be reached by right click on a stack
would be very nice if you can give this idea to the developers - ty very much :slight_smile:

kind regards
clive naskingar


Good idea! Not only for handycapped.
Sometimes I´m playing on my laptop and the function does not work well with the touchpad. Or when I am eating besides playing.

So yeah, please offer that as additive methode to change a stack.

Greets and fly safe



very good idea. I am also handicapped and have to do a lot with one hand. That would be a great change.

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Come on guys, dont you know this section is for requesting more automated game functions that make botting easier, outrageous overblown redundant items to be added purely “because it would be cool”, or automatic warnings to trigger for anything so people can “play” when not actually paying attention to the screen. :rofl:

Then you show up with an incredably helpful and simple request.

Additions to the game, to increase its accessability to those who have more difficulties with their motor functions is well deserving of a BUMP, and I hope CCP takes this into serious consideration.


I m support the ideas on this topic: PART STACK OF ITEMS INTO TWO WITH ONE HAND (I, love to hear from CCP soon.}

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I root for this idea.

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LOL :rofl: :joy:

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