Passengerification and Offline Travel

I think this could be a great idea. Being able to get yourself moved while away from game would be awesome. They could easily implement this without actually having multiple characters in the same ship, by creating a placeholder item, your character isnt actually moved in contract, but the placeholder pod item with your data linked to it. When the contract completes, fails, destoryed, aborted, whatever happens. Your then effectively “jumped” to that location, as if using a jump clone. You wouldnt actually use jump clones, but something similar. If the contract were aborted midway, or you abort after logging in, you would be transported like asset safety.

Or alternatively, they could introduce it like Jump Clone transportation. You create a contract to install a jump clone into a station somewhere. And the contract allows someone to pick up your jump clone and transport it to said station. Effectively installing it once it arrives. This would allow you to build a clone in one station, implants and all, and let someone else do the tedious work of jumping it to the station of choice.

Kind of mixing the ideas. Adding a transport clone if you will.

I like it! Maybe the player spawn point cannot be converted into an item, but jump clones definitely can. Maybe passengerification is only for jump clones.

Introduce a new in game item item, “Clone Pod”, introduce a new type of fitting window that allows you to unpackage the clone pod and install implants into the clone. These fit clone pods can then be used to install jump clones either as normal or remotely.

This would be done by either you taking your clone in cargo to the location or creating a Courier Contract, Then, once the clone is delivered, and in your inventory at the location, you are then able remotely setup Jump Clones in stations or Upwell Structures, following all the same rules for being allowed to install a clone somewhere. In the jump clone menu it would show you all your current jump clones and then also any station that has an unpackaged Clone Pod in it. Allowing you to install your Jump Clones from anywhere you can access the Jump Clone menu.

All other mechanics would stay the same, you still have a limit on the number of active jump clones. However, you would be able to have multiple clones setup at a station, or at other stations, that are ready to be installed once a slot becomes available.

The Clone Pod would be just like any other in game item. If packaged, it can be sold on the market. If unpackaged with or without implants installed, it can be traded or put on contract. If repackaged, the implants are destroyed like rigs in a ship.

This would also allow you to use courier contracts to move clones to stations for remote Jump Clone installation. Just like any other item, if the courier ship is destroyed, the clone pod has a chance of dropping as loot and can be traded/contracted/used/sold as normal.

Because they are just another item or fit pod, this would also give others the ability to fit out clones for corp/friends/etc…you could buy any quantity of Clone Pods and the associated implants. Install all of the implants and then contract out the Clone Pods to whoever. They would then be able to take the contract, and once accepted/paid for and the Clone Pod ends up in their assets, they could remotely install the Jump Clone and be ready to go.

Because the Clone Pod would be just another item in game, it would be another potentially profitable loot item. If someone were to fit high end expensive implants and lose the Clone Pod as loot, another could end up with an expensive fit clone, which would be a cool aspect to the game, especially being able to get access to clones with cool implants. You wouldn’t be able to use the implants separately, but it could be very profitable and fun loot.

I don’t really see a down side to this, as it adds new content, new interactions, more ways to spend/lose ISK and items, and a cool new mechanic for Jump Clones. If they made the Jump Pod an industrial item too, that adds another way to make money too.

Or just use the existing fitting window like how zKillboard does it, or just use the jump clones tab.

The idea was to make it separate and much easier to set up than a standard courier contract.

How about every clone is by default an item, and the item’s presence is what determines the jump locations. One problem I can forsee is jettisoning. Can you jetttison a pod?

No. It would be a single item with set stats, like abyssal modules.

Also no, because inactive clone passengers shouldn’t be able to survive open space, and there is no lore reason for housing them in a habitable shell.

Yes. You could contract clones to people if you have the clone slot available. Maybe that is a bit of a broken mechanic that should not be implemented, because it basically allows you to seed clones wherever you want just by buying them from a friendly. That would be a broken travel method.

The reason your idea wouldn’t work basically revolves around the issue of the maximum number of jump clones.

That makes sense, no need to introduce a new element, just for the sake of it.

That is what creates the issue with jump locations being determined solely by a clone location.

Honestly, I wasn’t really happy with that thought anyway.

There is every lore reason why, a clone does not sit outside in the open, they are housed in a containment unit.

Not if you keep all of the restrictions that are already in place. You already have to skill into being able to even have jump clones, and the maximum amount doesn’t need to change. The only thing is would allow you to do it install it remotely. There would be benefits obviously, that is the point of asking for new features, however, it doesn’t completely negate anything, there can still be a strong risk/reward associated with it.

I think this is kinda removing the point from this feature. How about no selling clones. You can only sell implants for a reason. Once you plug implants in, you should not be able to get that ISK back.

I’m sure a work around could be created where you are not “in” the ship but upon destruction you are teleported to the same location and a wreck of your pod created. Same for when you dock.

I like any idea that reduces me wasting my time, and travelling when I’m logged off is a way of doing that.

I just want to have fun carting people around :slight_smile: