Passing of TotalBiscuit

(Nanako Chosokabe) #1

Sad News

Hey there EVE…suggest dropping a nice little note at either or both…or whereever you prefer…

He was a good egg for fought the good fights for ‘us’.

(Cypherous) #2

He will be missed, he was only 8 months older than i am and just looking at the difference in the stuff we achieved in life really puts things in to perspective a little

Thoughts and Condolences to his friends and family

(Lotho Keraete) #3


(Nana Skalski) #4

Rest in peace o7 :milky_way:

(Rovinia) #5

My favorite youtuber, loved his reviews :frowning:

RIP TotalBiscuit


(system) #6

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