O7 Total Buiscuit


33 , fuckcancer.


We used to chat on a WoW site almost everyday.
I think it was called WoW Radio.

There is EVE radio channel in EVE, people are chatting there daily too. As the time goes by, as EVE gets older, some people inevitably will be gone, one day they will just stop logging and maybe nobody even will know why… R.I.P. also those who could not say last farewell. o7

That WoW Radio site was not a channel in WoW.
They had a mIRC chat or some other protocol.
He worked very hard, was good in business, and apparently served in the military before that.

o7 see ya

ah lads seriously,
he was , regardless of the wow bias ,
a pcmr advocate and a pc port snob
that was willing to put up with our shite to inform the public of the state of play for {whatever}.

rip lad, god speed.


wont be long soon

Rest in peace TB.

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