Password reset not working

my password reset is not working.
after i start the process, get the recovery email and follow the link, i click on “reset password” it says:
“unknown error occuried”.
i already tried to contact support, first email on 19.06.
no response.
second and thrid e-mail on 22.06. and 10.07.
no response.
meanwhile i created several tickets online.
no response, no ticket ID - it said “ticket successfully created” on the webpage, but i got no email or ticket id.
i can t login at help center because i need to link my 2nd account to my main account. i can t do this, because i can t login my main account - therefor i had to create the tickets online without logging in, but gave my email address, account(s), characters names.

is this your normal support process?
nearly four weeks and no response at all?
if you need longer to fix this problem i understand it.
But no response at all is frustrating.

best regards,

And absolutely no one here is able to help you.

Not. One. Single. Person.

You’ll probably have better luck on Discord, not a forum the devs don’t read.