PC for an Alt (JF, Carrier, Trade, T2 Fighters etc)

I won’t post the alt due to his current corp etc but interested in an estimated price (or best you can without the skill board link)

Total SP 22m+
He has the following:
Trade Skills - lv4-5
some reprocessing skills lv4+
T2 Drones & T2 Fighters (most skills lv4+)
JF trained just inject the book for the race you wish (lv4)
Carrier and all the skills mostly lv4+ and T2
less than 30days from Rorq
Scanning Skills lv4+
T2 Transport Ships lv4 +

Born 2016 with positive Sec, normal Name etc

Not for sale just yet as stated looking for a price check but if he’s worth something interesting I will close this post and list under the correct rules for sale postings.

12B rdy !

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