PC on a few old toons

So I’ve been going through old characters and was wondering if they were worth anything. Passwords, if required, are 12345

~5m SP, was working towards a Hulk but never got there. Recently resubbed for a month so I can extract SP for my main. Cyber V, +4 Int & Mem Implants. 2 remaps available.

~4m SP, research + manufacturing toon. Cyber V, +5 Int & Mem, MY-705, RR-605, BX-804 Implants. 1 remap available.

~6.5m SP, low-SP PvP toon. Cyber IV, 2x Jump Clones w/ +4’s. 2 remaps available. This one unfortunately lost a HG Snake Set due to AP’ing through high-sec with -2.77 Sec Status. Oops!

Those are the main ones. I also have three others. Not sure if they’re worth anything. Probably not.

'09 toon, 1.2m SP + 150k unallocated. Was a POS defense alt. Interesting corp history, though, including Es and Whizz (old-school combat booster makers) and Trans-Solar Works (ex. Rooks and Kings alliance). 3 remaps available.

http://eveboard.com/pilot/Caldari_Citizen_443059655 & http://eveboard.com/pilot/Gallente_Citizen_897611890
'08 and '07 toons, no emplyoment history, bugger all skills. But they’re old. And their names can be changed via Petition. And they have no new style 3D portrait setup. 3 remaps available.

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