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(Tideing) #1

So for some reason or another I’ve collected a few toon over the years.
Nothing Spactacular, just some old toons people might want.
I’ll list them from Oldest to newest, and would like to know what they are worth.
All have Positive Isk Accounts, No killrights,

DoB ------------- Skill Points – Link
2006-11-18 — 919295 ----- /pilot/Tideing
2007-11-27 — 764002 ---- /pilot/Jinx_ShaddixXx
2008-03-18 – 899432 ---- /pilot/JinxXx_Shaddix
2011-02-20 — 158232 ---- /pilot/Ibli_Fury
2011-12-21 ---- 55324 ------ /pilot/Sine_Squared

(Jinx ShaddixXx) #2

I want to know what I’m worth

(JinxXx Shaddix) #3

I want to know what I’m worth

(Ibli Fury) #4

I want to know what I’m worth

(Sine Squared) #5

I want to know what I’m worth

(Debbie Walker) #6

Because the possible confussion in names, jinbx around 3b ibly, tideing and sinee squared between 3 and 4 but depend of the feelings of the buyer. Sine_Squared look the most pretty in my humble opinion.

(Tideing) #7

Hm, so barely enough to “cover” transfer costs then. Ah well.

Yeh. Sine turned out pretty good.
The rest I pretty much randomized because just wanted to see the skills of them.
Didn’t know there was a possibility of selling them, if I knew I’d pay alot more attention to looks.
I’ve returned once more and are playing actively on a Steam bound account now, and wanted some extra Isk on it.

(Inactive Seller) #8

As a tip, my wife have a blast in the stations changnt the look, i do regularly when i go to sell characters.

(system) #9

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