PC restarts when dual boxing

Have submitted a support ticket but posting here too, in case anyone else has experienced this.

My gaming PC restarts after a few minutes of running two clients simultaneously. I can run one client fine for hours, no problems, but about 5-10 minutes after starting a second, the PC just restarts.

No other error messages received. I’ve tried lowering the graphics but nothing seems to make a difference.

It used to work just fine, I’ve even had two clients running while playing a third game before, but something seems to have changed during the last few months.

Stuff I’ve tried;

  • Lowering graphics settings
  • Running in DX9
  • Running in 32 bit mode

My specs;
Intel i7 930
Nvidia 970GTX
Windows 10

I’d be grateful for any suggestions you might have.

Have you reviewed your crash log to see if anything is registered there?


The Windows Reliability Monitor offers a quick, user-friendly interface that displays recent system and application crashes. It was added in Windows Vista, so it will be present on all modern versions of Windows.

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Maybe check cooling on your CPU and/or graphics card. Something is clearly overheating so your BIOS reboots your computer to prevent further damage.

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Also, check your memory - if you can do so, swap the memory chips or sub-boards and see if the problem changes.

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I was playing CSGO and it happened again, so now I know it’s not EVE-specific. Overheating is probably the answer, although GPU-Z and HWMonitor showed temps in acceptable ranges. I’m going to clean out my machine and see how it goes from there.

Thanks for the replies everyone <3

Could be the new chinese servers can’t handle the load

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