After latest update, client restarts my computer

Help! Whatever changes y’all made to the game this week - it’s wrecking my machine. Hard restart, no warning.

Within moments of loading the game (after the character select), my computer restarts. I’ve tried 64-bit, deselecting 64-bit, with Direct X, without it, downloading full client, deselecting that too, etc. Still reboots. It happens in space, docked up, etc.

The game is unplayable in this state. Can you help?

I’m playing on Windows 7 Professional.

I have same prob almost. It gives blue screen after several minutes of play (10-15). I updated (audio-graphics) drivers and went to dx9 but I haven’t played much to see if it’s stable now.

Update: This is resolved, thanks to some excellent suggestions from CCP. The problem appears to have been my power supply, which, after 5-6 years of use, has started to fail. Replacing it (while totally a pain in the ass) fixed the problem. The timing was just a coincidence. Thank you, CCP!

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