Pearl Abyss and malware installation

I have just learned that Black Dessert Online installs a rootkit on your computer to spy on you disguised as anti-cheat software. I encourage everybody to search about its details and I´m sure thats illegal on any civilized country.

I would like to know CCP stance on this issue. And if possible a official statement.

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Don’t worry your government is already spying on you


Now that we have covered what Xigncode does, there are specific concerns we wanted to address directly:

  • Xigncode does not sit in the background to idly collect your personal information and share it with others.
  • Xigncode is not a rootkit. It does not enable a user to gain control of a computer system without being detected. As explained above, it operates in a very strict manner.
  • Xigncode is not an ever-present virus that is impossible to remove from your PC. Without a game running, the software is and will remain inert.

I can vote my government away. But I have no power against a Korean private buccaneer.

If the game spys on me it not only dead. I may even go to court.

Why should i Believe that guy?. Do I have proof?.

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Go complain on BDO forums this is EVE forums.

Why go to court if you are dead, kinda pointless

I’d suggest the cemetary for example

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Im not interested in BDS. I play EVE.

And go away troll

CCP will do as they’re told if told to.
This should be obvious to you since the takeover.

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This has nothing to do with EVEonline. Closed.