Pearl Abyss please act

I call upon Pearl Abyss to be an adult and take charge of their company. CCP right or wrong sold themselves to Pearl Abyss. I am hoping pearl Abyss will guild CCP that frankly appear to be lost! Valkerie, World of Darkness, Dust 514 and the legendary 60 dollar virtual pants mistakes!! Do I need to keep going? Now I want to congratulate CCP in making a great product!!! Have confidence in doing what you do best! Creative content !!!

Why do you insist on having a group of well meaning amateurs guild you? I am talking about the CSM!!! Great chefs create many tasty dishes for a slew of customers! Usually your most passionate/demanding food customers are vegetarians! No chef would ever go speak to a vegetarian about a complaint about a third customer’s complaint or requests for a different type of steak!! The vegetarian will simple tell chef well he/she needs to not eat meat anyways so they would advise the chef to send them a plate of tofu and call it day! The third customer looking at his/her tofu will turn their nose up at it and walk out the door!!!

Now what the hell does this have to do with EVE?? Well substitute CSM for vegetarian customer and third customer as new players or lone individual high security players!!! I would also throw in adults who work 40 hours a week who cannot live the dedicated null security life style!

This why EVE cannot keep and retain new players.

I also would like to see a resurrection of new level 4 missions. I would like SCOPE type news reports weekly. Again these are things passive solo players can follow and get involved in. I also think without the CSM input/approval a SURPRISE or two can happen in the EVE Universe!!

On a personal note, I respect all current CSM and past members. But I want my steak!!

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Sale doesn’t go through for another week, dude.

I work 60+ hours a week, btw.

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This statement is hugely inaccurate.

CCP didn’t, the shareholders did.


Hi! I’m a lone highseccer.

Mostly do industry, with a side order of other activities.

And I work 9:30 to 17:30 every weekday. I do get a half hour lunchbreak every day, so I can’t claim to work 40 hours a week.

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@Santa Ronuken, @Steve Ronuken: You don’t get a 15 minute break both in the morning and the afternoon…? You work in a crap place man…!

Well, I am changing job in about 5 weeks?

Longer lunch, and a shorter Friday. For substantially more money. (Money isn’t everything, but it is the only reason I work)

Since CCP and Pearl Abyss have both said “no changes” forecast in the near term, PA isn’t replacing CCP’s community team with their own - I don’t believe PA is reading these forums.

There are so many things wrong with OP’s post I frankly can’t even begin to parse it. I would need ten rorquals to compress it all into a manageable amount of ■■■■■■■■.

Your ten rorqs would get ganked sooner than you complete the process. :stuck_out_tongue:

All I get from this post is the munchies…

What’s that? I go in at 3pm until 10pm 3 days a week and I get a 1 hr break at 6pm. Sat and Sun I work 11-6 with a 1hr break at 2 if im lucky. Sometimes its 1pm sometimes it’s 3pm. No other breaks… unless a client cancels.
(im a licensed massage therapist)

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