Penalize "overkill" hulls who enter low-end combat anomalies & cosmic signatures

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You either completely misunderstand what I said or you’re deliberately trying to misrepresent what I said. I believe it’s the latter.

Of course I must be an alt because I have reading comprehension skills and can actually point out the intent of the OP without being duplicitous. Or is it because I use phrases I saw him use? That’s on purpose because he was correct. Nobody had voiced any valid critiques besides Ratwerke mentioning the range of certain sniper ships. But apparently you can comprehend too. You clearly comprehend my CONSTRUCTIVE criticism and SOLUTION. You would not have removed the actual mechanics that contradict your made up issue if it was just fluff. Since when is the actual mechanics “fluff”? You response makes zero sense if you left the removed text in. You reworded it to say something I did not write. And you know this.

Quote me where I said this. Explain how you came to that conclusion. Because any rational person would see it as a win/win where both parties have a chance to get an escalation from their appropriate content. But please quote my words and take me through the line of reasoning that lead you to that conclusion. Break it down. I won’t hold my breath.

Or not. Where are you getting this from? You certainly did not ask me. You’re adding your own ideas to the mix. Ideas that are strawmen for you to then tear down. If the response fleet is dealt with then the content would be effectively cleared at that level. Attacking structures would serve no further purpose. And how hard is it to fathom that logi (or any additional attackers) would be flagged as combatants? How many people do you figure are going to fleet up an invest their time and effort into something with little chance of reward when their player fleet could do appropriate sites with better results?

With a very low chance of gaining an escalation it wouldn’t be worth it. People would adapt to the new order of things. If you feel that wouldn’t be the case and it would accomplish nothing then what are you even crying about? In that case the whole thing amounts to hot air anyway, right? A total nothing burger not even worthy of getting bent out of shape over.

But you’re right about one thing. The response fleets should only provide crap loot, scrap salvage and low bounties. Thanks for the suggestion. And of course the only “logical conclusion” of what you said is that these fleets put a PVP combat timer on you making you unable to jump thru gates or dock in stations. (Yes, that’s how it feels)

Who cares about what ships lock faster or if small ships have an advantage or larger ships? What does that have to do with anything? If we’re setting up content based on certain ship types the only thing that matters is what ship types the content is designed for. At this point you’re either extremely dense or feigning ignorance. My guess is the latter. What’s the point in even discussing anything with a person being willfully dishonest?

sounds like a penalty to me . the OP uses the word penalty in his proposal .

@DeMichael_Crimson what does “as originally intended” mean to you , and how does the larger selection of ship / modules / skills etc. affect it ? ungated content , with frig rats , some elite … i’d have to include cruiser in ‘appropriate’ ships … yourself ?

too easy . done playing ‘he said , she said’ with you . you’re a spiteful person suggesting penalties instead of actually trying to improve the game , and you probably won’t even give someone your stuff when you quit . … fly safe . or ride your horse or pig or w/ever they do in wow … :slight_smile:

Seems all you want to do is twist what others post and portray it all out of context.

How about you do some research and see for yourself just exactly what ships, equipment and skills were in-game when those sites were first implemented, maybe then you’ll know what I’m talking about.

:face_with_raised_eyebrow: The irony is thick with you, Pan_Dora …er, I mean, Buggs. :roll_eyes:

I see you’ve run out of avenues to strawman and just settled on name calling. You’re dismissed.

I don’t need an alt to point the flaws in your proposal.
You refuse to admit it, but that is not my concern because whines will not advance your proposal.
All that insinuation that Buggs is my alt accomplishes is to demonstrate that you are not willing to discuss your idea with good faith.

Should I remember that you said that you was not going to answer me anymore? Because that is exactly what you tried to do if you think Buggs is my alt, which then makes you a liar. What a liar say don’t need counterargument, should just be dismissed as falsehood.

You can’t be serious. :expressionless:

You …er, I mean Buggs :wink: was claiming I’m the OP because I defended the OP’s basic premise. I in turn threw it back at him by claiming he’s someone else who ardently voices disdain for the OP. It’s more of a joke than an actual accusation.

…but now I’m not so sure. :thinking: More faux outrage please. :rofl:

You use my name as a joke and have the nerve to acuse me of making personal attacks. Grow up, kid.

I don’t really see a point to this other than arbitrarily restrict ships; these are just public sites no? Let people risk whatever they want to bring, the community has all the power behind it to police it without needing CCP to get involved.

Perhaps combat sites need to have like a beacon or ring where you can freely PvP? This would solve any contention that happens in Hi-sec.

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