Percussive Diplomacy - Looking for PVP Pilots! [SLAPD](US TZ)


Nǐ hǎo

Flashy Phoenix with Fins provided by the big dog. Swanny. :vulcan_salute:

Where da hood at?

Winter Sites provide

This weeks sponsored kill Loki | Spyros Hatzi | Killmail | zKillboard

Start off the new year right with a new Corp and learning a new area of space/gameplay!

Join us and become noble warrior-krabs who doesn’t afraid of nothing!

My boss forced me to do this on gunpoint. He has a stash of drugs and piles of noble metal bars worth billions of isk in his basement, please come hel…

Massive Mining Alliance.

Want to fly big and expensive ships? Look no further SLAPD will show you the way to make isk and shoot people in the face with style.

Battle Report Tool - Hell of a fight last night…come get some

2 forts…one Voltron- Check out the action

you will be a superstar, :metal: :metal: