Perfect rorqual pilot/ capital builder/ Ore refiner

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Bump up

32b offer

far to low :slight_smile: thank you for the offer tho!


if you can bump that up to 42 ill sell now :slight_smile:

up top!

42B B/O offer

And Esoteria is great for me.


accepted send isk and ill begin transfer sorry was busy last few days

NP I will send isk and account name as soon as i get home.

ISK and account name sent. Awaiting transfer.

Did you started transfer?

Transfer should be started? Let me recheck

transferring money back for some reason its not letting me transfer the character

we can proceed when i hear back from ccp about whats going on

Ok mail me ingame when u got this sorted.

okay ccp has fixed the issue if you want to continue. Otherwise bump to the top! sent you a mail as well

Sry, it took far too long. I already brought another character.