Permafrost Event 2018 drop Glacial Drift SKIN's?

Hello hello.

Reading through the Operation Permafrost Event 2018, coupled along with the 13 Days of EVE, gotta say, quite thrilled.

My question is though… if any in the know can peek at the answer… will Glacial Drift SKIN’s be making a return during any of these events, wether in the 13 Days or the Permafrost? It’s a SKIN I tend to fancy, and I kind of am hoping they will make a comeback, considering they have dropped during the 2016 and 2017 EVE Christmas events.

The picture of the Mordu’s Legion ships emblazoned in that cool looking white and blue came is making me hopeful… heheheh.

What Permafrost Event? I didn’t see an announcement on that for 2018…

Wait, found the link!

yes, do tell?

Damn, why is this starting so late and not next week with the patch … I have only 3 evenings to play before my vacation. :frowning:

Probably because we’ve got alot of events happening throughout the month. XD

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yeah, you tell him A7 LMAO

A7 is not amongst us. There is only me. XD

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Actually, since we’re discussing Permafrost, some wording in the event description disturbs me…

“Here’s how you can go about investigating the mysterious ice dwarf, occurring once per constellation.

once per constellation

So, are we saying that the frequency of sites is going to take an absolute nosedive compared to previous events? That we’re going to have to do alot of jumping in between actually finding and processing a site, god forbid it’s contested?

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I’m thinking that that “particular” aspect of a site is what they’re referring to while the rest of the site will simply not have “that”

There was some talk about capsuleer combat/competition points, so I think contest will be a main theme this time. Which is good … I‘m so annoyed about the late start.

I’m thinking that that “particular” aspect of a site is what they’re referring to while the rest of the site will simply not have “that”

That is what I am hoping for as well.

If not… this is going to be one highly contested event…

Which will make the acquisition of my beloved SKIN’s all the more tricksy… heheheh (If they are dropping that is… ).

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I’m testing the event on Singularity…I think we have some bugs…

Once I land inside the gate rooms, I lose my camera functionality. Once I land, I can’t zoom out to my maximum view distance, and I can’t view targets directly above or below my ship by 90 degrees. Apparently, this also happened when abyssal sites were first deployed.

Although, I’m not enthused about the requirement to kill targets with certain sized weapons.

What does it matter how I kill the target, as long as the target is dead?

Singularity testing indicates the Northern gate room is FULL of bad guys - eyeballing it, I counted 8 battleships, several cruisers, and unknown number of frigates in at least 4 large groups.

Don’t think this is the thread for this… but yeah… this event is turning out to be quite the fight, heh.

But on the bright side I just noticed that the Glacial Drifts SKIN icons now have the “X” for events on the corner. This is making me hopeful. Yay… :slight_smile:

Can confirm Glacial Drift Skins are dropping in the event along with the loot in your own ship because CCP gave us pain for xmas.

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Also confirmed as well. I would be jumping with joy… except, and as you adequately put, their acquisition is particularly brutal. Got mine from the hacking sites, virtually on MAX difficulty, even with maxed skills and a proper hacking ship, and keeping those pesky Mordus Legionares off my hide.

Yah… definately gave us pain…

And I was so looking forward to the rain of SKIN’s like the one we had in 2017…

Well, now that the event is past, and at last managed to acquire almost every Glacial Drift SKIN, wether via the hacks or buying the rest. Only falling short on the 4 in particular: the Force Auxiliaries.

I was puzzled to see that the SKIN’s corresponding to the Force Auxiliaries class ships, were virtually absent. The only one on sell order being 1 Lif Glacial Drift selling for 2 billion ISK’s in Jita. I may be a bit of a completionist, but not that crazy to spend that much on one SKIN, heh. But I do wish it would have been seeded as frequent like the rest of the SKIN’s. Also, would have loved correspondent SKIN’s for the Triglavian hulls as well. Here’s to hoping to next year.

But other than that, I am ever so pleased that I can finally fly virtually all my ships emblazoned in my signature blue and white. Jolly Holidays to you all! :smiley:

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