Would love more events, even if they are simple ones like Rogue Swarm Alert

Last year at this time, there was a steady flurry (pun intended) of Events in the winter-time.

I keep checking the Eve Updates site but I don’t see any mention of future events. :frowning:

I realize that Permafrost represents an ambitious step forward in scope and implementation of an Event.

However, I (and I think others) would love to have maybe one or two of the “simpler” events to run through while CCP works to tweak and adjust Events going forward.

Personally I loved the Rogue Swarm Alert (can’t remember the name) and the ones that immediately followed: A site in every system - warp to it, kill some stuff, a chance for “good” loot in every wreck - especially the boss.

One of the things that I truly believe these Events captured that Permafrost did not: For the vast majority of players, the reward matched the effort.

Even if there are no new items - just accelerators and previously-released SKINs, I would enjoy the experience.

When I have time I’ll work on a separate thread detailing my thoughts, positive and negative, of Permafrost and the direction of Events. But in the meantime, rather than waiting for new-and-improved Events, I would sure love some simple Events, even if they are pure duplicates of previous ones.

Anyone else agree?

In simple events, and those already passed, the amount of things that can go wrong is considerably lower, so I am not against it. Simple, pure duplication is a bit too lazy tho, some rewards could be refined in them, or number of spawns changed, trigger added or removed, added or reposition few structures. Result would be that they would feel like something fresh.

Might just be remembering it wrong. last year we had no events in jan between the yoiul christmas/new years event. and the guardians gala in feb. I’d expect to see the same thing this year.
What might have you confused is that 2017’s christmas event had accelerators dropping like candy, and we had some pretty good super long duration ones as gifts that where usable well into early jan. so it was easy to keep accelerators going up until the 20th or so, and from there its only a couple weeks to guardians gala. this year they where considerably harder to get, and the extended ones where stupid expensive so I don’t think many people bothered with them.

Last year we did have a string of back to back events, (I distinctly remember having only a couple days without accelerators between events at most) but that stint of events was from mid feb-june.
Assuming they follow a similar pattern I would expect to see a lot more events in the coming months, jan is just a bit of a lul period. hopefully they manage to dial in a sweet spot on the accelerators though, since last year they where all over the place.

Personally I think last years crimson harvest hit it pretty damn close to perfect. (after it got nerfed, please no repeat of that… or if there is a repeat at least let it run for 24 hours so everyone can take advantage of it :D) The combat sites could have used with some buffs to loot drops, but other then that it gave a good mix of combat and mining, you could complete all your agency points by exclusively doing one or the other if you where specialized that way.
The blueprints dropping like candy from combat sites but needing the ore from the mining sites ment players needed to co-operate to get everything done.
Difficulty on the mining sites I thought was perfect, where if you knew what to expect and had the right ship for it you could handle it easily, but was still a challenge if you where unprepared (or you would need help as a new player)
Combat site difficulty could have used some tweeking, maybe something involving the escalation mechanic would be good. (where the npc’s would bring more and bigger ships the larger a ship you bring, ideally on a scale so if you brought a ship that was TOO big, like a capital you might have a bad time. but in exchange you had a chance at more or better loot) as it was it was a bit too easy compared to the mining sites. and the loot was lackluster.

As for the rogue swarm event, I’ve heard a lot of people praise it, but personally I wasn’t a fan. I enjoyed the concept of it, but it felt a bit too tailor made for the stratios, was nice to have an event that was obviously designed to break the “throw a gila at it” meta. but the hacking was easy enough that you still could just use a gila or hell even a VNI provided you had even half decent hacking skills. people will always find an optimal ship/fit for any event, and it was nice that they tried. So i’m not sure if there IS a way to fix the throw a gila at it problem, but the rogue swarm was just TOO obviously designed around a single ship for my liking. (more events that massacre drones would be nice though)

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