Grave concerns about Permafrost mechanics; can someone plz confirm with devs?

To all on the CSM -

I have made a couple of forum posts in the In-Game Events channel that I was hoping you could take a look at.

A lot of us have tried the Permafrost event on SiSi… and it really seems messed up. Not in a this-is-too-hard, I-dont-get-to-play-how-I-want kind of way… but in a omg-this-is-weird-and-awful kind of way.

Could I humbly ask folks here to review my posts, and try the event yourselves on Singularity, and then tell me if we’re (the ones testing on SiSi) arecrazy? If so, is this a good way to reach the devs to express general concern before the launch?

Thanks for reading.

Your concerns were heard - a lot of folks agree that this event has been underwhelming.

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