UPDATE: Tried Permafrost on Singularity; event design seems way off

I apologize, because I don’t like to complain or whine. I’ll try to be concise.

There are many of us who have now tried Permafrost on the test server, and we have grave concerns:

  • There are 16 cans to hack per site. These cans only seem to respawn at down-time. So… given that there is one site per constellation, that means that there are 16 cans to hack per constellation… PER EVERY 24 HOURS ??? That can’t be right, yet that is what is happening on the test server.

  • What is the point of the north pocket? Ships spawn forever. Massive DPS? Certainly. I’ve seen dead marauders on SiSi. One individual said he needed to get his tank up to 2500+ per second to hold - that just doesn’t seem right. I was in my Golem with a proper tank, and a single BS was hitting me for 600 per shot at 100km away.

  • Is anything going to respawn? What does it take to renew a site? North pocket is infinite ships… east pocket has 16 hack-cans that don’t renew, but the ships do. (About 2 per minute, infinitely.)

  • The west pocket (mining one) can fill up with 20-30 hard-hitting cruisers and frigates.

  • I have to say it again… one site per constellation, with confusing no-respawn type mechanics? Wut??

Nitpicks, but still concerning:

  • It appears you won’t get credit (event points) for most of your kills unless you use medium weapons. Drones don’t count - light missiles don’t count. If I had to guess, it was designed to reduce the Gila spam we typically see.

  • If I’m seeing correctly, you get one event point per hacked can. Too low.

  • Crud loot drop from frigates and cruisers. Folks won’t be happy about that.

  • VERY BRIGHT white background. It’s hard to tell when your mods are on.

  • 500 one-time environmental damage in north pocket seems pointless.

I encourage anyone interested to head on over to SiSi and try this yourself. It’s so … weird…

Again, sorry to complain. This event seems to have a ton of potential, but what I’m seeing right now is going to cause massive backlash from most of the player base.

Fingers crossed the mechanics change when deployed to TQ.

Fly safe.

  • TL

All good info to know, thanks!

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Did shooting the rats result in standings loss with their respective corps or are standing losses removed for the event rats? Does anybody know?

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I just shot different rats (Frigs, Cruiser & BS) for an hour in all 3 different pockets and had no change in any standing. :+1:

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Great! Thanks for the info.

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The respawning of the cans is being fixed as we speak.


And do not tell me what should be in the hold for pocket mining, in order to perform event?

Personally, after reading the various event previews/tests, I’ll be giving this one a pass. Simply not worth putting time into it when I have 4 other games on the go with actually rewarding, interesting, events on offer.

Devs, a tip for you: You should probably think about making the Christmas events something interesting, fun, and inclusive for all your players to engage in together. It doesn’t have to be happy-fun-time but it should at least be broadly appealing and accessible.

Save the “let’s all beat on each other and die frustrated in an environment that excludes 2/3 of the players” for January/February, when everybody is hung over and grumpy already.


Shots fired! :+1:

@CCP_Sledgehammer Thanks for the fix and the transparency!


Now that Chessur’s retired, I wonder if his trademark sunglasses would be available for the rest of us to use on this one…

Here’s what we all need to remember -

CCP is a lot better than most companies in terms of listening to player feedback. I’d be willing to bet that in a couple of days, due to extensive feedback we are all providing here, that this event is actually improved quite a bit.

As soon as I saw it up on the test server, I spent as much time as I could working with it and tried to report bugs. It seems to be an effort that pays off.

Fingers crossed. Keep the feedback coming.


Would it be hard to make an event which follows just the typical kill->loot->claim reward system? Why in the hell did you release this untested crap?


:frowning: noooeees!!!

I hope you are making it instant spawn at the very least. Because that would still be only enough content for 16 players at a time per constellation.

You you should making it instant + 3x the amount of cans.
Same goes for mining.

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You don’t really need 3x the amount of mining if it’s instant spawn, because multiple people can mine from the same stuff, you would just have to switch targets more often as they spawn.

Hacking, you really can’t have more than one at a time.

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I’m not saying to have 3x the amount of hacking so you can hack more at a time, I’m saying there should be 3x so that more then 16 ppl per constellation can do one at a time.

For the mining it depends if there is enough for multiple ppl to mine the same roid at the same time without depleting it within less then a cycle. I honestly don’t know because I’ve never seen a single roid, everywhere i looked was already depleted.

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Did you add “temporal resource” to your ore overview? It’s new for this event I think and I didn’t have it on and assumed it was empty too.

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I mean I’d just assume they are asteroids and have the same mechanic as every other asteroid where multiple people can mine it at once.

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I’m still trying to figure out the Gate missions. Not sure how to complete them. I find that a Cerberus with 118 KM targeting range works just fine killing the rats. Using heavy missiles and kiting the BS’s I have no problem with them

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