Petition to Suon branch of Traffic Control Authority

Our firm routinely reviews shipping data loss reports from a number of our clients, mainly small entities. Although fairly commonplace, some of the data indicated clustering of non-completion for transit going through a particular constellation, Suon. Intrigued, our analysts requested permission to review archival data held at the House of Records after purchasing the requisite permits.

The data clustering confirms that the shipment non-completion is not limited to just our clients. It appears to be just low level and inconsistent enough to avoid automatic scrutiny.

The other anomaly that coincides with this deals with unusual infrastructural routing along these routes. Specifically, there is a jump gate that is presently routed to a destination a stunning 11.79 light years away in the Yekti constellation. Most vessels seem to be able to complete this feat of navigation ably, but we suspect that not all may. Data sharing between the authorities on either end is not especially robust, though no implication of official malfeasance is to be drawn from this submission as this has been standard operating protocol on many such regional routes.

There are many theoretical possibilities for interference in the operation of a jumpgate connection, notably from dissipation of the tensor field from a source of intermittent graviton radiation. Resonance issues may arise simply as a anomalous change in the space-time continuum over extremely long distances, especially through poorly charted sectors. The nature of 4-manifold high curvature structures is said to be well-established theory by experts, and reliably self-avoiding by their own intrinsic properties, but there is also some obscure literature of structural bifurcation. In any case, it is beyond the scope of this document.

It is quite possible that the large span between these two destinations is not quite as well explored as was thought. Out of an abundance of prudence, we call upon the Suon branch of the Chief Executive Panel to immediately begin preparations to evaluate rerouting the stargate presently operating in Kaaputenen. Candidate destinations might include destinations located in the Algental, Aeman or Ani constellations, pendant political, safety and feasibility review by the Panel and its superior bodies.

Given the amount of time the current stargate has been in service, it may also be prudent to evaluate its performance and any need for maintenance or upgrades while the facility is in turnaround. However, that exceeds the purview and qualifications of our firm for further consideration.

Thank you for your valuable time.


Please clarify. Is it just data that is lost, and/or shipments, and/or ships?


Our inquiry is limited to cargo deliveries. They do not include qualitative reports as that information is privileged. As a rule, our firm does not do analysis for which it is not expressly contracted. Hypothetically, some clients may not wish for certain deliveries to be completed. It is not our job to ask.


So, you want the CEP to examine the Kaaputenen-Niarja stargate, the one direct link between the Caldari State and their ally the Amarr Empire, and suggest rerouting the Kaaputenen gate to Gallente or Minmatar space, with whom the State is at war ?



I suspect that at least some of those uncompleted cargo deliveries are slaves and other people. They are regularly jettisoned at the Kaaputenen gate in Niarja and other border gates in other systems of the Amarr Empire.


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