[ARC] Unknown Forces Infrastructure Identified, Location Unidentified


Decryption analysts have made a breakthrough with the previously undecrypted data vaults.

While we are processing the videos to remove glitches and to further highlight objects of interest, we are now confident in saying that the unknown vessels and structures appear to be in unknown areas of space, given apparent astronomical phenomenon that do not match any known types.

Likewise, structures identified in the latest decrypts have unknown purpose and capabilities, but display spacetime manipulation capability significantly in advance of any known technology.

The following individual segments have been identified:
Segment one
Segment two
Segment three
Segment four
Segment five
Segment six

Notably, analysts have already noted that there might be similarities between Talocan static gates and the structure identified in segment five, though without close inspection of the structure we can only theorize.

While dozens have contributed to this effort, I’d like to take a moment to point out individually the contributions of four pilots, without whom important steps would not have been taken. Verzak Bastrom, Uriel Paradisi Anteovnuecci, Counselor Mallow, and Aradina Varren all materially contributed to the final stages of this particular recovery effort, which was remarkably obtuse.


Segment three was posted to a resounding chorus of “Oh ■■■■” in internal ARC communications.

This is obviously a big breakthrough, Uriel Anteovnuecci’s work was extremely important, and Counselor Mallow is the one who made the breakthrough discovery that made this possible.

We’ll see where this goes.


If it is the Talocan or what’s left of them the feud with the drifters makes perfect sense.Also some things for us to remember here is they had some disease evidence to this are their outposts left in quarantine,also they had amazing shield systems and probably cloaking ability as far as what was ever gathered from Devil’s dig Site.


Cloaking, huh? Take a look at the segment one’s lower right corner. There’s some silhouette moving. Interesting.


Segment Three is of particular interest to me… Namely because of the strobe-lights along the structure…

Typically, strobe lights are visual indicators for pilots to avoid colliding with the object in the darkness of space. This assumes that these structures are operated not only by human beings, but fallible ones at that; the lights are meant to ward off otherwise clumsy pilots. The Drifters lack such lights on their constructs and ships, if memory serves, though I may have spent so much time among them I have forgotten…

To that end… Who are these people…?


One of the strangest things is the apparent similarities these entities may share with Talocan derelicts - with a more modern view, every Talocan ship, as well as a number of their structures, have a perfect spot for the exact same type of anomalous sphere.


If the anomalous spheres are indeed singularities would it be too far fetched to gues the source of their beam weapon may originate from the structures were seeing and the ships act as a delivery system?Or atleast the energy necessary to power the weapon?


The work just keeps coming. The next rock we knock over may hide a dragon.


Yet here we are, looking forward to the next challenge if there is one…

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Well, I still maintain that whatever’s chasing out Drifters will surely be the doom of us all, but I’ll be damned if this is not impressive. Or fascinating.

The structure in segment 5 in particular. Is it a first sighting of anything of its like? It almost looks… ceremonial in nature, like a monument.


A true wealth of new insights from these latest visuals, despite their initial lack of clarity. Every new pass of various visual filters seems to bring up some new element or detail.


Talocan? So we’re suspecting this faction is one of those Jovian off-shoots? Great - just what we need really. More of that mutated rabble cluttering up our space.

Now, of course I’d like to contribute to the discussion besides going “Grrr Jovians”. So let me point on this small detail I noticed…

In the fourth segment we see multiple details that would draw our eyes. The three puffs of what I assume are gas and one of the structures seen in Segement three.

I want to point out the “Gas puff” to the left of the structure - or the one at the bottom of the others in the footage.

It appears it’s emitting from some exposed crystalized element in the rock. Watch, as the lighting spikes up occasionally.

Now I’m no miner. But I’ve never seen ore giving off that kind of exhaust. Something…Not local to what star systems and wormhole systems we know…

Of course, I could just be an idiot and this is just low-grade paydirt ore that poor saps in Ventures mine because all the good ore was chewed up by rorquals…Again, I dont know a damn thing about ore.

Also side note - I’d like to thank those responsible for uncovering this data. The findings are positively disturbing to say the least.

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Is that attached to a large asteroid ? Or on the surface of a moon or something ?

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And there no comments from any authorities within the New Eden about situation that is developing. Tried contact someone within the Federal administration but got no response. Everyone went covert with this.


Indeed. We didn’t even get a rebuke from CONCORD when we published the DIA leak.

I can only imagine that the Inner Circle has been in constant closed session for several weeks now as the powers that be work behind the scenes.


We need pilots to keep a close eye out across the cluster. If the Drifters can create WH to travel with ease, there’s no reason to assume these others can’t too.

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And in case the recent vault break wasn’t enough, it would appear a CONCORD agent is unresponsive in a heavily-damaged cruiser of unidentified design in Yulai.



Oveg Drust has made a comment in local chat.

“This ship in under quarantine and is being inspected to make sure it’s safe before docking. No further statements will be made at this time, please keep your distance.”

He has so far continued to ignore any requests for further comments.


Huh. Well, we actually have a comment from a CONCORD agent.

That’s mildly surprising.


I was expecting “This ship is currently awaiting an antimatter imploder, please keep your distance.” personally.