Evati stargate to be re-routed?

News reaches Gutter Press from a source at Republic Fleet HQ, that a petition to re-route a stargate in the Evati system in Metropolis region has received official attention, and may even reach the desk of the Sanmatar himself !

Detour !

The petition concerns the Evati-Anher stargate, and claims that the gate is a navigational hazard for Tribal Liberation Force and other Republic-aligned combat-capable starships, due to the existence of the Evati-Arnher stargate. The similarity in the two systems names is claimed to cause a great deal of unnecessary confusion, and on occasion, even damage or destruction of ships due to navigational errors.

Confusion !

Gutter Press spoke to several off duty spaceship crew on the Hek VII TLF station, for their opinions on the issue.
“Yeah, We’d just been in combat with some pirates, and the captain hits the warp drive, and we jump on contact with the gate, and then captain comes on the comm shouting ‘bail! bail! bail!’ and we hit the escape pods. Because we’ve jumped into Anher instead of Arnher, and the freaking security guns have lit us up. We all made it, but floating in space like a ninny till the rescue boats pick us up makes you feel right stupid so it does.”, said one spacer.
“If they shut that gate, or make Anher lowsec, then we’d lose far less ships to mistakes, when we could be using them against the Amarr”, said another spacer.
“It’s a freaking CONCORD conspiracy against us, because of that Yulai business”, opined a third spacer.
“Of course, this one time, a pirate was chasing us, and they got lit up by the guns when they followed us in. Now that was funny”, stated a fourth crewmember.

Explosions !

A TLF source admitted that these kinds of incidents do occur, but played down their frequency, claiming that far more ships are lost to accidents caused by rookie capsuleers triggering a CONCORD response, than are lost to the Anher stargate sentry guns.

Accidents !

In other news, tourism officials have noted a record number of complaints from Gallente tourists about how the barren planet of Eystur III “does not live up to marketing”. Officials suspect a translation error in promotional materials distributed in the Federation for a recently opened resort on the temperate world of Erstur III.

Gutter Press. News.


Spirits above this would be the best thing ever if it were true.


Based on this news agency’s reputation for well-sourced and carefully fact-checked journalism I don’t see any reason to doubt the reporting.


It’s true. Evati connects with both Anher and Arnher.

Nice catch!

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