Pharolux Cyno beacon BPO

Any ideas BPO cost of these? Likely be demand for BPCs ? I know these are Sov Null only but will small alliances need these produce.

Oï !
Before I start, what is going to follow is my personnal opinion. Since we have very few informations on the FLEX Structures in the Winter Expansion, I cannot speak using sources.

So, during EVE Vegas, the FLEX structures were introduced as very specialized equipements, since they do not have the Tethering technology, nor can they allow any class of ship, from a Capsule to a Titan to dock. They do not have weapons on their own, very limited defensive capacities, and the only storage is a Fuel Bay. However, they have the special exception of being authorised within a citadel’s weapons range.

So, since those can be considered as extremely limited and specialized versions of the Citadels, the BPOs cost could still be an investement for smaller corporation. And unless said corporation is planning to implant an outpost in a remote area from their home systems, or can justify the use of multiple structures, BPC would most likely be prefered, like it is actually with citadels, and structure components.

Concerning the “need” for small alliances for those structures, it depend. Creating and supporting a jump bridge network might be hard, but open to interesting options, like linking two pockets owned by the alliance, but with different properties on each side, like ratting environnement.
A Tenebrex Cyno Jammer could be useful if anchored in an alliance’s capital system, to prevent capital fleets from easily jumping in. Since three TCJ can be anchored in the same system (with only one online at a time), wealthier corporations could also keep a spare around, in case the first one get attacked and destroyed.
Finally, the Pharolux Cyno Beacon could be interesting if the capital force of the alliance isn’t stationned near key systems, or simply to move capital assets around. Limited use for small alliances, as a destroyed capital ship can severely hurt the fragile economy of one of those.

BPO will cost 6b.


Thanks both

The structures are seeded on Singularity
Ansiblex Jump Gate: 12 billion
Pharolux Cyno Beacon: 6 billion
Tenebrex Cyno Jammer: 12 billion.

Like most structures, there will be a brief period of high demand during the transition and may be a modest market for BPC kits after the rush - a lot will depend on how many of these things die. Market for capital ship BPC kits is steady and quite profitable but I personally haven’t had much luck with structure prints.

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