New Structures BPO costs

Any estimates on the new structure BPO costs? Do we think these will be tied to SOV?

Hard to say what the cost will be but they will have them ready before the launch and I would guess that those cyno beacons, jammers and gate may be tied to sov in some way but since you can spam keepstars even in highsec, I would guess those new structures would be limited to lowsec and nullsec where using cynos would be applicable.

They might also have some functionality that is available in highsec and some that is low/null only. Much as Athanors can be placed in a 0.8 system but have less functionality there (refinery only) than in 0.5 or lower.

I believe the goal - for this year at least - is feature parity with the existing POS modules. That will let them finally remove starbases and the associated legacy code from the game. If true, these will require the same infrastructure upgrades as the structures they are replacing and will not function outside sovereign Nullsec.

When you take a look at the updates website, the plan is to have a 64-bit client by the end of the year, so no more legacy code.

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