phpBB 3.2 EVE SSO / ESI extension [beta]


(Snitch Ashor) #22

I checked your site few days ago and the links to the stylesheets were wrong indeed. Now the login seems to be no longer working, could you mail me what you changed?

(Lord Kaho) #23

Hey Snitch,

changed nothing… i deactivated the register tab.
But we can still Login. The error seems to be gone or i get it every few days for 1-2 secs.

So dont know what happened lol… :smiley:

(Veritas Totient) #24

Thanks for your reply.

I think that issue is a big problem so my workaround is a little script to generate revoking list by hand.
Hope someday I can integrate it.

(Kratomasy Tucker) #25

Any way to block users that are from other corporations?

i mean it is missing a way to only allow users that are from chosen corporations/alliances.

This is a needed option for corp forums to keep the peering eye out or have it set up in a way that the admins need to manually approve users.

(Snitch Ashor) #26

Currently you would keep them out by giving only corp/alliance groups access to certain sections. Users from other corps only get the registered users group. I think I can implement this anyway but I am currently busy with the selectable scopes.

(Kratomasy Tucker) #27

Sweet :slight_smile:

There also seems to be a bug with permissions when using the Mchat Extensions:

when having your extension on, It removes the text box from the Mchat on the index page even tho all permissions are ok. When I disable your Extensions the chat text input box comes back and works. i know this might be out of your control but this is heavily used extensions in many corps i have been in.


i also did purge the cache and empty cookies just to make sure.

(Snitch Ashor) #28

Thanks for reporting. This is due to how I remove the phpbb login form. Will try to do this differently.

EDIT: could you do me a favor and try this out:
please replace ext/snitch/authevesso/styles/all/template/event/index_body_forumlist_body_after.html with this one:

(Kratomasy Tucker) #29

That seems to work tho it would be nice to have the original login form replaced with a form with a Log in with EVE online button like this: many sites uses it and it’s more clear for normal users on how to log on.

Btw thx for this mod :slight_smile: will be waiting on the implement on the corp permission/keep out nonmembers out.

(Kratomasy Tucker) #30

@Snitch_Ashor I was thinking about the way you could add only members of the corp/ alliances … i was wondering how hard would it be to attach your mod to the phpbb built-in Account activation: by admin?

This sends out an email to the phpbb main email address normally the forum admin (who can share the address with corps admins) would get the email with the link to activate the user’s account. This would let the corp admins look up the user’s character before activating the user’s account.

This is already part of the phpbb options in User registration settings > Account activation: > By admin.

This might be a way to do it until you find a better option. As the way it is now, the forum admins don’t get any notifications about new members registering …

The proposed option would solve the corp admins forgetting to look at the forum new users and then needing to change them to the right user group. As they get an email saying there is a new forum user that need to be activated.

Anyways that’s just my 2 cents :stuck_out_tongue:

(Snitch Ashor) #31

Ok almost done. Next version will be out in the coming days, including a lot of the features you asked for. If you guys could let me know what scopes you would ask for when somebody signs up, I’ll make sure they are on the list.

(Kratomasy Tucker) #32

il be doing a small list just need time (be cool if you could let us add what we need maybe do a small guide on how to add the code if we need more scopes ).

I was also wondering if there would be a way to adds the normal phpbb Terms of service text box somehow when a user is registering for the 1s time as by law in some countries it’s still a requirement even if it’s for a game clan. Seeing as we do gather users information when running the forum.

Maybe have a register button where this TOS is shown then a button to accept the TOS and accept registering once clicked this would register the user by getting the EVE users info and add it to phpbb.

The login button would only log in the user and not add the player’s info in phpbb (not register) as that would be only for the register button.

I tested your mod with some of my corp players, here is where they get confused:

users goes to the forum for the 1st time.
The users looks for a register/signup button … no button like that is shown. so he thinks the forum doesn’t work and goes away.

Other users did end up clicking on login … they were somewhat finding it weird that they did not get a notification that we were gathering there eve toon information (registering their account for phpbb) when they clicked on the login button for the 1st time. The user did not know we are creating an account for them when clicking on login the 1st time.

Anyhow i think you understand what i mean. i have no clue if it doable tho.

Anyways keep up the good work.

(Snitch Ashor) #33

Will think about the TOS.
Concerning login/registration, using SSO, this is more or less the same. Phpbb does not allow fully external users, if it seems so, it always needs a forum user that is then linked to a external account EVE/google/facebook whatever… One suggestion that was brought up was replacing the login button with the login with eve button image, I guess this would help to clarify.

(Snitch Ashor) #34

Quick update:

Uploaded version 1.2b (link in the opening post)

New Features:

  • (Optional) Limit access to corps/alliances
  • (Optional) Make the cron job check the refresh token
  • Test for the SSO Login before switching auth method
  • Scopes selectable (if you need more to select from, just check and edit the classes/class.constants.php file and add them to the bottom)
  • Basic logging for the cron job
  • Exchanged the login button with the official 'Login with EVE" thingy (this is style dependent, so if it does not work for the style you are using, please let me know which one it is.)

Known issues:

  • The update is not fully translated to russian

(Kratomasy Tucker) #35

NVM seems like eve had a prob its working now… @Snitch_Ashor testing v1.2b geting a php error on (php v7.1.10) when i set up the corp name and select a entity type > assign forum group . then i click save then i get:

this error :

if i do go here in a browser i get the corp id fine

(Kratomasy Tucker) #36

@Snitch_Ashor selecting all Scopes then trying to login with eve button gives a error : {“error”:“invalid_scope”,“error_description”:“The requested scopes either don’t exist, or are not valid for this client”}

may i ask where the Scopes are set in the DB ?

(Snitch Ashor) #37

The scopes are not stored directly but just the IDs. One problem might be the length of the generated url, could you post or send the url from that error page?

(Kratomasy Tucker) #38

posing below

(Snitch Ashor) #39

Could you try unchecking any other and adding public data?

Btw. PublicData is only needed if you select no other scopes.

(Kratomasy Tucker) #40

hmmmm ternds out even haveing public data off and all others ON gives this error {“error”:“invalid_scope”,“error_description”:“The requested scopes either don’t exist, or are not valid for this client”} lol

so my full url is (with publicData off):

(Snitch Ashor) #41

Coukd you double check that your developer app has all these scopes? Did you recently add the scopes to an existing app? Sometimes the changes don’t stick.