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I am currently building a forum for an alliance, i would like the login to use the eve-online account login as many 3rd party apps and other forums i have previously used do. So that the backend can pull the data as to character and corporation and alliance info…

Reason is so that if they are part of the alliance they get regular access to the forum. If they are not then the account would be restricted to just a few public sections and a recruitment section.

Is there an easy way of doing this using web modules linking to ESI?
As the ESI links provided on the site dont seem to work…

Many thanks
Doris o7

ok…well…did you intend to post that in this section for new players?

Sorry, moved :slight_smile:
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  1. They log in and auth via SSO
  2. Hit up with character_id from SSO to get character’s alliance/corp/faction ids.
  3. If alliance_id === your alliance grant them access. Else limit access.

How you go about actually granting them access is dependent on how you set it up and what you are using, but the logic would work no matter what framework etc you use.

Awesome thanks, it was the access token i was missing so the requests to pull the data were being rejected.

1 last thing which plugin do you use to use eve login instead of the standard email and password register job?

There is one on the forums here for PHPBB, other than that I’m not aware of any already written custom plugins that work with ESI as the auth method.

Or you could use something like allianceauth where people register and then it takes care of registering with all the other 3rd party apps.

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