Pi and changes that wouldnt make it a drag

So IK some of these have been recommended but they are needed so badly for a hardly touched system but would improve it 10 fold.

Make it so we can save layouts of our setups. This would just make it so those of us who idk have 50+ planets can resetup them up in the future easier or add new ones easier.

Make the PI range skill be in jumps instead of LYs as its just silly every other skill uses jumps why not this one. Also allow us to see the access and use the PCOs if in range of the skill could be 5 jumps max but its better then lys and seeing just the planet density.

As well make it so mats are auto pulled from a source if they have links made between instead of routing them by hand. If a player doesnt want something routed to a place then thye can remove the route and do it manually.

Like these small tweaks would do alot and might encourage more to do it by streamlining it out and making less tedious to deal with weekly or daily in some cases.

Which will end up in drop in prices. Any change that makes PI easier. Will end up with drop in prices. Helping management of many PI alts will only end up in requiring more alts. Giving almost zero realistic gain. If you are capable of managing 50+ planets. You don’t want to level that advantage with people that can’t by making that management easier. Forcing you to have for example 100+ to maintain same advantage/income.

Hell no. Learn map geographic. to understand why it’s absurdly stupid idea. Removing range limit would be more reasonable. As you have access to most of EVE anyway. Also using jumps would probably kill access to wh’s PI from K-space

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You should enjoy the tedium of setting it up each time. Just because you farm it, doesn’t mean CCP should cow-tow to your whims to farm isk even faster.

Then remove saved ship fittings from the game then…or htfu

You say remove saved ship fittings as if that’s a bad thing?

I’d be fine with that.

As a supply chain major/ops management. PI makes me very sad inside. I dislike arbitrary limits and there is no lore behind it anyways. Why are storage/launchpads only so big? What prevents me from building bigger ones? Why are cycles always 30mins for extractors? Likely it’s for balance reasons.

But I do enjoy PI in the end. It’s such a simple yet complex thing. It’s fun connecting the PI I make to the overall industry that is EVE. It’s why I support PI being included in ship building.

Just my two cents on PI.

i think the only thing i never did in eve was PI
it looks fun

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