PI cycle time question

o7 Just curious. It seems that the lower the cycle time the more you get per hour. But my question is this:

If you set the cycle time to 7 days, but you manually go in and reset them every 24 hours. Would you still acquire the same amount of resources in that 24 hour period as you would have if the cycle was only set to 24 hours and then stopped?

Basically hour-for-hour is a 24 hour cycle more productive than a 7 day cycle that is reset manually every 24 hours?

Bonus question: If the cycle time is lower, or the 7 day cycle is reset everyday, does it cause the hot spots to move around more often? (like reactive gas and autotroph hot spots seem to move a LOT)

Thanks in advance \o


you can see an extracted volume over time graph in the upper right corner of the extraction cycle window. There you can see what the effect of terminating the cycle after 1d would be.

I would guess that a 1d cycle will fetch quite a bit more - the lower extraction rate for a longer cycle being the price to pay for convenience.

I think the chance for a hot spot to move depends on the total extraction rate - e.g. if I place an ECU with 10 heads in the middle of 3 hot spots and pile all 10 heads at the best spot with 1d cycles, it’s going to be sucked dry in a few days.
I try to have a few heads on each which gives less on the first day but lasts a week or so. Eventually you will have to move your ECU and launchpad though… Rebuilding these two is less than 1m.


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