Pi Made it a Bit Simpler

(Luna Kumera) #1

The Pi use much time to build more then one routes when you have more then one Launcher Pad. Can you made it a bit simpler to made a Laucher Pad per Upgrade Bigger. IF you build a second at the same place or Upgrade it. So it will be once not two.

I think it will much Lesser time an Stress if there are only one Spaceport and not much more then one. How it madeable is your Part!

(Do Little) #2

If PI is made easier or less time consuming, more players will do it. That will increase supply, pushing down prices.

I expect any changes to PI will involve more active gameplay. I’m hoping the new gameplay will reward knowledge, experience and skill rather than just mindless clicks.

PI is dated but it isn’t broken - the market is well supplied and those of us who do PI are well compensated for our time. I hope (and expect) that CCP will complete current projects like module tiercide and the structure transition before tackling this one.

(Amarisen Gream) #3

I am hoping they take PI and do what they are doing to moon mining with it.

We extract from planet then we need to move it to the Refineries to process it, maybe rework the skills to support that. Still a passive extraction, but would require jobs afterwards.

(Old Pervert) #4

Would be hilarious if someone’s PI colony (not that you can put them on moons for some reason) was on a chunk of rock about to get fracked.

“wtf dude! that was my colony!”
“hmm… I thought that material looked like it was already refined once”.