PI T1 Plant input 3k or 6k?


I’m setting up a PI production and since I last did that some years have passed.
So. I’m not quite sure if a T1 plant needs 3k input or 6k input for maximum production?

Since it has a cycle time of 30 minutes and the extractors a cycle time of 60 minutes I thought routing two times 3k base materials into that might make sense… :thinking:

Thanks for your help. o7

T1 plant can complete 2 cycles per hour (30 minute production time). Each batch requires 3000 raw materials. So full production needs 6000 raw materials per hour for the T1 plant.

Extractor production time varies depending on the length of the harvesting period.

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Thanks. I got that… now I just stumpled over another problem.
I somehow can’t submit mit setup. Is it because I have my extractors already running?
I can click the “submit” button as often as I wan’t it wont work. :confused:

Edit: Did not found the problem but setting up everything again and hitting “submit” after every step worked.

Okay I think I understand now what you were asking. You don’t need two routes to one factory. Think of it more like a permission than a delivery order. If you have a routing order from storage for 3000 units of raw resources then the production plant will refill it’s storage from that source as long as that resource is available.

On that note extractors should always be routed to a buffer, for smaller operations that’s going to be your spaceport which doubles as storage. Otherwise directly linking an extractor to a T1 factory will cause the loss of any resources which overflow the factory’s internal storage.

And yes you are correct. Extraction cannot be edited while a program is running. You will need to stop the program first and there is a waiting period after a program is started before it can be stopped.


Thank you very much.
Got everything setup and running now. :slight_smile:

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