PI which is better, (P0-P2 then P2-P4) or (P0-P1 then P1-P3 then P3-P4)?

I took Anderson’s advice and others to do my home work

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Remember you can ask opinions on your homework. But in the end, many variables are only correct in your specific case.
And the only way to improve is to make errors, realize them, and fix them in later iteration.

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Well doing the home work…including figuring out how to properly set up factory worlds…multiplied my income by about 10x.

No joke.

Also. I think I figured out how to properly route a behemoth factory world that can make 120m isk a day at CCU IV

I’m not sure I want to share it yet. For one it took a lot of number crunching and cramming.

For 2 I think if everyone does it it’d break the market.

I’ve already found production chains that boost that daily to about 150m a day. I dont know what the market can support haha :rofl:

I’d be happier knowing that the market could support that kind of dumping. From a lot of people.

I actually don’t even know what constitutes a good income anymore since I made it this far.

Maybe 120-150m isk a day from a planet is only average. I DONT KNOW

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the market could definitely handle 150mil a day, not even a mouse on a wheel.

This is 150m per planet per day. Not per day total.

16 Per omega (or 18 if maxed) I can see even a few players breaking the market like this.

But feel free to challenge that assumption. I’d love to know.

Fyi. 1 omega @ 5 planets should be able to fulfill ALL jita buy orders and then some.

P3= jita buys equals bout 8 days of produce per 5 planets.
P4= jita buys equals about 1/5th of a day (4 to 8 hours) of 5 planet produce.

I’m not sure how much the market can actually bare.

You need more experience to realize the real issues with every kind of scheme you can go with.

Wait a bit. acquire more data.
Sometimes things works, and you start to make more and it works less, or you realize it burns you out, or actually the 150M/ day require more than 1H oif work per planet, or that needs a lot of trips and a lot of presence, etc.

What I personally purchase is in the 2-3B material per day. yesterday I had to make 3 trips because I exceptionally had to buy 10B of materials, and sell as much
that’s including P4 when I need some - not often, but what I mean is that 150M/ day is a part of a drop in the sea.


I’m actually approaching your revolving operating capital. I’m crossing the 1b mark now which is why all the questions.

I dont see how you could unload say…10b of a specific p4 and not crater the sell price?

If you’re using it for consumption thats somethin else.

But if you are fulfilling orders. Well as mentioned above just 5 planets can fulfill probably every p4 buy order in just a day.

I just checked an example p4 and a 16 planet setup will definitely double all Jita sells

This is per unit. Forget price. How can the market absorb that?

Because with a lot of operating capital, you can sell at long term and not care ig people cut you 0.01 isks.

Place your daily 1B at average SO+BO. tomorrow the same. always.
Don’t waste your time with people who cut 0.01 isk. You will just waste your time for nothing at all.
You will not “crash the market” with a mere 1B per day.

And even if you do, that’s a lesson to learn.

This is great. Getting into long-sells is my next step and just looking at outstanding orders was why I was mostly concerned. If theres only 500 units in the jita-sell and you dump another 500 on that market I wasnt sure what would happen.

Crashing the market would be a badge of honor but not something I’d want to do other than for achievement.

I want the isk like any of the other big traders.

there would be two orders with 500 each.

crashing YOUR market would be a badge of oopsies.

Stop that “I want” at once. Otherwise you will judge your achievement with biased look and won’t be able to make a correct appreciation.

I dont disagree but having that kind of production would be epic.

However to the point. You seem to say from experience that 2x500 sell orders wont greatly move the price.

Glad to hear


From my experience : it depends on the activity. You can’t make any prevision. You drop your stuff, and forget it.
If tomorrow it’s gone, increase the price of daily arrival a bit. Ifd it’s not, place your new package at average (so+bo)/2 again.
The only case where you should upate your orders is when they reach the 3month expiration.

Just use a simple SO price formula, and with more data you can find experience on what is worth, and what is not.

Can you elaborate a bit on this? I’m not familiar with it.

I just explained before.
example if I had a bunch of reponse drones to sell :
price is 2M5 SO, 2M1 BO (ignore TAPI/PH/GOON KS it’s a scam), so the price you sell them today is 2M3. since people already have BO at this price, you sell to direct BO, if you have more then you sell what remains at 2M3.

Tomorrow if prices have not changed and your orders did not pass, the SO is thus 2M3and the BO is 2M1 so you sell at 2M2

etc, etc.

Oh I didnt understand SO meant sell orders. Now i get it

@Anderson_Geten seems you’re a fan of selling to buyers then putting the rest up as sell orders?

no. I adapt. If I consider there are BO for my items at a correct price, I sell at that price.

But actually I have my own formula for price so … Well I have more experience.

Good but you also seem to have a grasp of metrics. Observe…adjust

yes and doing so will allow you to acquire experience, which mean to adapt to new situation like more people coming on your market.

There is no magical formula. You need to understand your activity, learn the caveats, make more mistakes, and correct your understanding.
So you start by exchanging your time and your resources for experience. Form that experience you start to make those experiences worth more. experiment, observe, adjust.

When you start having more experience, you may start looking at M isk/total required time instead of “150M/day/planet”.

What people on this forum can give you is not magical formula, but some caveat you should look at. example for a newly mining bro, the caveat of “what I mine is free” to consider a 3h worth of ore just on the total value.