Pilot sold

(Skarlett Khamsi) #1


Can fly Nyx, Hel and Vendetta very efficiently - you will hardly find another pilot so focused on flying supers :slight_smile:

Character has 2 jump clones in hisec, both are worth over 7.5b altogether:

Character also has multiple billions-worth Nyx / Hel skins, including extremely rare and expensive Quafe Nyx skin:

Character has positive wallet and no killrights.

Start bid: 55b
B/O: 65b

WTB Super cap focused pilot!
WTB Hel pilot
(Skarlett Khamsi) #2

Still for sale

(Skarlett Khamsi) #3

Another day, another bump

(Skarlett Khamsi) #4

One more bump for new day, still available!

(Skarlett Khamsi) #5

Still for sale!

(Skarlett Khamsi) #6

Still for sale

(Skarlett Khamsi) #7

Another bump for another day

(Nihil Max) #8

Start you off with an offer of 50b

(Gemini Staxx) #9

51 for the fam.

(Nihil Max) #10

52b for fun

(Gemini Staxx) #11

53 for the smash n grab

(Johny Rambo) #12

Keep it going, the direction is right :slight_smile:

(Skarlett Khamsi) #13

Bump for the new day!

(Kaylee Khastle) #14

54 bil

(Skarlett Khamsi) #15

Slooowly getting towards reasonable offers :slight_smile:

(Keltola) #16

bump up

(Tyree Crowder Severasse) #17

65 bil

(Kaylee Khastle) #18


(Skarlett Khamsi) #19

I got b/o offer via evemail.
I will give that person 24hrs to confirm the offer is still valid.

(Johny Rambo) #20