Pilot sold


Can fly Nyx, Hel and Vendetta very efficiently - you will hardly find another pilot so focused on flying supers :slight_smile:

Character has 2 jump clones in hisec, both are worth over 7.5b altogether:

Character also has multiple billions-worth Nyx / Hel skins, including extremely rare and expensive Quafe Nyx skin:

Character has positive wallet and no killrights.

Start bid: 55b
B/O: 65b

Still for sale

Another day, another bump

One more bump for new day, still available!

Still for sale!

Still for sale

Another bump for another day

Start you off with an offer of 50b

51 for the fam.

52b for fun

53 for the smash n grab

Keep it going, the direction is right :slight_smile:

Bump for the new day!

54 bil

Slooowly getting towards reasonable offers :slight_smile:

bump up

65 bil


I got b/o offer via evemail.
I will give that person 24hrs to confirm the offer is still valid.