Pilot warning: Cmdr FlipFlop

Corp thieve: bunch of battleships/procurers, assorted modules and some courier contracts
Awoxed a few bil in ships as well.

Known characters:

Cmdr FlipFlop
The Shannnara
wrect um

Capt Boloks


goodness what a scallywag!


You made me look for awoxing. And the only awoxing I see if your alliance bombing each other.

You made me look… because like a fool I wanted to believe even though you are not able to provide any proof.

That made me angry.


Maybe look closer?

Not that I am unhappy about this. CFC needs a lot more of that awoxing so that they grind to a most excruciatingly painful halt.

Sorry I was looking for corp/alliance kills. Since the term awoxing has a very specific meaning.

Awox does not equal killing a somebody with blue standings. And to be honest… killing a Goon is not that bad either so he is good and honest person in my eyes until proven otherwise.


Goonies obviously don’t understand game mechanics still or even terminology


Awoxing applies to formal coalition members as well, which his targets were and who he knew could not freely engage him as a member without consequence from their own leadership.

This post was intended as a red flag to other corporate recruiters vetting potential candidates. Those charged with doing diligent background checks can choose to ignore the warning. And to them and others doubting the indictment because of the coalition involved, I would suggest hiring him. I am confident that he is seeking a new trust to betray.

You will have your own proof in 2 weeks.

Well, OP posted on his main, so that’s something. That said, there is no evidence at all to support this claim. We can only presume this is slander most foul.

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In the past making Kane angry was a really quick way to learn a lot about lossmails…

Don’t make Kane angry.

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False accusations like this normally end poorly for the accuser


Been away for 5 years and the Kannibal is still around !!! Blast from the past!

This one is not false. Just a warning for any others regarding a corp thief and awoxer so they don’t run into the same issues.

OK, thanks alot! C&P will appreciate this I’m sure.

Now is the small matter of proving these claims. We cant just go round believing every Tom, Dick, and Harry when it comes to such serious accusations.

I can’t speak for everyone, but a name like Commander FlipFlop inspires alot of trust in me, so I may take some convincing!

two weeks and no proof

never change c&p

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First of all I want to thank everyone for the free bumps

Regarding theft, the couriers that got stolen:
These are ofcourse also accessible ingame to check for yourself

Regarding awoxing:

Thanks again

drones and cheap ships not even in corp. awoxing = corp/alliance.

that’s not awoxing, that’s a resignation letter.

the majority of workers leave their job due to bad lower management. have you tried discussing with flipflop exactly why he was forced to ragequit in such a low end fashion?

non-issue for c&p, imo.

good luck in your next adventure flipflop, hopefully you find better management.

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Again thanks for the free bump :slight_smile:
I know you’re just trolling, and that is fine

No-one forced Cmdr FlipFlop to do anything. Our corp is large and old, still the things Cmdr FlipFlop did are very rare for us and our last incident was years ago. We have many that leave on their own terms and often come back on a later date. He could’ve done the same and he definitely shouldn’t have stolen from his fellow corp buddies, those that are barely holding themselves together under this dictatorial, ruthless and authoritative management style :stuck_out_tongue:

Wait, you’re telling me someone named Cmdr FlipFlop is of dubious loyalty? Color me surprised.

I wish we could put tags next to his name so we could remember somehow that he changes sides…


i’ll be honest… until you pointed it out, i thought his name was referring to his favorite footwear.

I never thought I would see someone reporting the loss of mining drones on the forums.

If you’re in battle, instead of throwing a hand grenade into the enemy, throw one of those little pumpkins. It all thinks how bad a fight is, and even though they think you can throw them a real grenade.

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