Kild by corp - Brave Newbies

Ok … so… i m a noob , so normally i think i should join Brave Newbies corp , for the simple reason that i want to learn this game and i hope i find there support at my beggining .
In my first hour i died once killed by PIRATE corp they take down my Gnosis :frowning: , after i go in corp s headquarters in -01 in hope i learn something from my colleagues … but … in the proces … on their domain i die around 8 - 10 times with imicus while i was scanning and i said it s normal because i m a noob … but … the last one really knocked me out of my mind :slight_smile:
In 5J-SSP i find 2 anomalies , i scanned and i go at the first one were i find a corp teammate at his last 2 crates to open i go at one to open it … because i am a NOOB i fail to open and it exploded , my CORP m8 agrees if one is the first at a site the other shall leave … i go at the second and open first crate after 1-2 min my old CORP m8 comes and after another minute i get killed :slight_smile:…coool i ask in CORP why, and they told me is because i wanted to trol my CORP m8 , that i warp to my coleg at first and second site . i sow them the conversation from local chat with the other member of the CORP and they say this my be not all :)) i tell them to prove me wrong and + i said i can provide print screen of wat i say …after they say my is no expensive ship , they donate 20 mil to me :slight smile: and say that the tooth i was trolling …
So … shoot first ask later ??? in my opinion thats ape thinking . i have copied and print screen the conversations :slight_smile:

My killer is Emily Jejardo + kild my capsule

Read three times, still don’t understand.


Ok, so you joined a null-sec corp (I think), got killed a bunch of times by randoms going down there, and then once by a corp mate that you pissed off somehow?

I see two options:

  1. Leave the corp and try another one. Not all corps/people will work for everybody.
  2. Take it in good humor and get over it. I’m guessing your ship wasn’t too expensive, and the 20M covered it? Just laugh it off and move on.

welll i get kild for nothing by a corp member thet has done this to other blue dots before

i gave 20 mil to my killer i dont nead isc :slight_smile: i want him to say at least sorry

One might argue that the 20m was a form of apology. But if you want to make a big deal about it, that’s your business I guess.

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Funny, I can almost hear your accent through your somewhat phonetic writing :smiley:

Note that it’s perfectly normal for veteran players to send a few bucks toward their victim if said victim is a new player.

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I mean I kind of understand what you said. Breakdown:

  • He died in a gnosis, decided to join Brave to learn the ways of the game. Reversed the order here.
  • He gets here and dies several times trying to probe in an immicus and isn’t really given pointers, but told to keep trying and learn
  • He’s probing in Impass (which btw it’s TEST space, it’s questionable at best since it’s blue space, but I doubt anyone cares) while there he fidns a system with 2 sigs
  • He goes to one, and it’s taken, after failing one of those can the person in the sig tells him to GTFO first come first served
  • He goes to the other that is empty and scans a can
  • He is awoxed being told that the other person was already there again
  • They give him 20m comensation and wants to know if he should shoot first next time as well

So… assuming you were killed by a BLUE player the answer to your question @StarElle is to talk to the diplo in your corp because AWOXing is never permitted in pretty much any null alliance. Only caveats being they shoot you first or leadership declares someone to be shoot-on-sight (usually due to awoxing). While they compensated you, it needs to be handled if they think that action is in any way acceptable. And you are correct, always take a screenshot, especially if you plan to retaliate. You don’t ever want it to turn into a “he said, she said” situation. You both typically lose when that happens and you’d find yourself out of alliance because it’s simply not worth the headache to determine who is telling the truth.

However, if it was a red/orange/neutral what happened is normal and they were very nice to send you any isk at all or inform you of normal site etiquette and not shoot you on site in the first place.


Are you saying you were leeching off someones site and then surprised when they killed you for it?

I guess you thought all was cool when you stole his crate at site 1, and that there wouldn’t be any consequences. I guess that was a wrong thought. Seems so.

You have to consider that a lot of EVE players don’t forgive things like that.

You may have been first at site 2, but I guess to your killer you had already crossed the line. Lessons in EVE tend to be taught at the sharp end of a laser.

You won’t do it again will you? Here endeth the lesson :wink:

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Problem there is in null alliances AWOXing will typically result in you being kicked with no questions asked. Leadership doesn’t want to deal with the headache of having to even talk with someone who can’t understand the most basic rule of you don’t shoot blues - no matter now much they piss you off. So while he was in the wrong, the AWOX was far worse.

So the ISC was not send by my killer , it was send by another CORP m8

NOOO - i wasant. i was first at the second site wer i died

Is OP in da Marin Crops bi chanse? I here in Marin Crops ginerul knyfe hanz Mantis maykes eberywon tipe like OP an eet crayawnz wif halapeeno cheez on dem?

If u r Marin Crops tank yew for ur cervix.

Edit: fone spelt cheez rong


The fact is that he didn’t received the ISK from his killer, he received it from another corp member, who saw him typing in corp chat.

And other people, saw this guy/girl w/e kill another corp/alliance members over the time

Do those rules apply in full when its a complete noob to the Corp who has just broken one of the rules about site loot? I don’t know much about Corps and their rules, but I’d assume if you’re brand new in a Corp like Brave you’re probably on trial and if you screw with them you get taught not to with a big stick, but I could be wrong.

This is what i got from this story, i don’t know anything else :-?

Yeah I get that, but I think he wanted revenge for the first. He may even have been told it was okay, I dunno. Still, you got 20m for your trouble, so don’t worry about it. You did wrong, he did wrong, you got rich, and they all lived happily every after.

i give the 20 mil to my killer .