Pilot warning: Cmdr FlipFlop

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Anybody killing goons is alright by me but lets get into it. You accuse this poor capsuleer of these horrendous acts but I see one count which could easily be a mistake. A one time thing and frankly only 81mil isk was lost by it. Hell I pit people together in the thunderdome with more on the line than that.

Now as for the courier contracts. I did some investigating on these and it seems you are the bad guy in all this OP. Yes I accuse YOU. I accuse you of driving this hard working good natured pilot away. He had great hopes and dreams of helping out his buddies to the best of his ability. It turns out he bit off more contracts than he could possibly deliver and instead of offering him your help as he was trying to help you, you spat on him. Shame on you sir. SHAME!

The Court of Crime and Punishment not only finds this Pilot innocent of all charges but commends his good nature and hopes to see more eager pilots like this fellow in space.

Noragen Neirfallas
Founder, Judge and Member of the Court of Crime and Punishment


Will the court be taking action against the aforementioned false accusations? I for one feel like justice hasn’t been fully served.

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You don’t feel like being associated with Goons is punishment enough?

As a Goonswarm sympathizer, I do not. Given my obvious political bias, I shall retract my input and leave it in the hands of The Court.

You always were my favourite Nitshe Alt

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He joined CO2


You have no evidence either by the way.

All accusations, false or true, are a part of the foundation of C&P.


And now in Triumvirate. He surely is working his way up!

he’s french right?

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