Known AWOXer

This post is to inform other corps & players about characters by the name of Gregor Fogotten and gregor kilrathi, for the actions of AWOX’ing in a friendly fleet, and the known destruction of corp members.

At 02:52:19 EVE Time on the date of 2020.06.15 The character Gregor Fogotten did knowingly and recklessly open fire on a friendly allied pilot who is a member of the BTC corporation and part of the I’m Feeling Good Alliance. There was no ship destruction resulting from this attempted attack, and we are currently in discussions with members of the BTC corporation regarding this activity.

This pilot then proceeded to attack fellow members of the AITC, most notably, Talia Quma, whose Procurer he did then destroy in the wormhole J142826 at the time of 03:41 on 2020.06.15.

For these activities, Gregor Fogotten and the known accomplice gregor kilrathi have ben stripped of all roles within the AITC, and shall be expeled from the corporation at the earliest possible time given current regulations regarding the explusion of pilots from corporations.

This post is a public service anouncement regarding the ongoing activity within corporate and alliance structures for the activity of purposful destruction of capsuleer property by individuals who were previously regarded as working within the corporate structure.

It is with the greatest hope, that this capsuleer will be unable to find another corporation willing to accept his appilcations, once it is known the grevious and wanton harm inflicted through their own actions.

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CODE. will accept them.

Nobody cares. Garbage-tier corps that are vulnerable to this stuff don’t read the forums (and wouldn’t do anything to save themselves even if they did), and the character will probably be sold and turned into a new alt soon anyway.

Player X and player y are rascals and will cause drama in your corp.

I made a TLDR for ya

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At least it’s content, why knock it ?


Awesome, is that AITC’s home system and their regular TZ?

Asking for a friend


Regular time zone? Depends on who you ask in the corp.

As for the home system - we are not a Wormhole corp. A member just happened to be in a Wormhole when the player went rogue.

I see that you claim he is an AWOXer but is there any proof? Has there been an court hearing?


And if so, were any kangaroos involved ?

Usually no Kangaroos but once in awhile an chocolate moose

So a pilot attacks friendlies, and keeps doing it, until they finally manage to kill a whole procurer ten days later? I think you people have bigger problems than a rogue pilot, tbh.

It’s a good thing you made this important report. Many space detectives are now investigating and are sure to immediately render justice. We are here on the EVE forums because we truly care about your wormhole mining expedition, and wish to help ensure that such incidents never occur again.



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As there has not been any proof put forward, I will have to, in the interest of the accused (Gregor Fogotten & Gregor Kilrathi), claim that this is a case of pure slander.

As the usual judges have resigned, I urge that new one get appointed from known C&P inhabits with good character.

My recommendations are in no specific order.

Princess Aiko Danuja
The End-Boss of Hisec Kane
The Wolf of Hisec Aaaarrgg

I will serve as the prosecutor if the judge accepts it, and as long as the defendant (Alexander Kalkoken) not say otherwise, he will be representing himself.

-Edit: Deleted bullet list

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I vote that the case is summarily dismissed with prejudice, as no evidence has been presented. The plaintiff is hereby fined 1 billion isk.


So, Judge Aiko Danuja has sentenced Alexander Kalkoken to a 1b fine.

I believe 48h would be sufficient for him to pay the fine, does the Princess Aiko Danuja concur?

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Not so fast Gregor is known miscreant and naysayer.

On morning of August eleventh, 1989, in Houston TX, I leaned my bicycle against the EZ-Mart wall at approximately 10am and proceeded inside to play Mortal Kombat on arcade machine where I then met Gregor.

Gregor had no quarters and it was agreed that after my $1.25 in quarters was spent he would run home right around the corner and borrow more quarters from his mother.

Upon running out of quarters Gregor proposed to borrow my bicycle making the trip shorter and promised enough quarters to not only continued playing but also to acquire two (2) 32 oz. slushies which sounded like a good plan.

The first sign of miscreancy was when Gregor dropped my bicycle helmet on the ground before riding away. I dismissed this sudden display of recklessness as simple excitement and anticipation for our forthcoming slushies.

I then waiting 2 hours on the curb before Aziz the clerk finally came out and said “Dude’s not coming back with your $&#@ing bicycle man, go home.”

I suspect Gregor lied to me and did not live around the corner, have any quarters, and possibly didn’t have a mother. It is not a far leap to imagine a person of such degeneracy committing the criminal crimes as described by OP. Court has a responsibility to take a firm stand against Injustice and find for the plaintiff.


A compelling story, sir, but with a number of anomalies. For example, you describe the morning of August 11, 1989, as just any typical day in Houston, Texas. You say naught one word about the heavy rain and flooding which stretched from High Island to Crystal Beach. Indeed, I’m surprised your EZ-Mart was open for business, but then again it wasn’t an EZ-Mart was it? No, back in 1989 there was only EZ-Serve in Houston, and EZ-Mart was just an Arkansas hootindillie. As for your robust game of Mortal Kombat, need I observe that this title was first released in 1992? A fine story, my friend, but an outrageous fabrication and a motley collection of lies and deceits!