Pimpindrones (Weapons Locker)

Hello, Eve Space Ship friends!

Welcome to my weapons locker of few ideas to build on here. So below are some ideas maybe to work on for the future of eve game play.

My first question is would it be a good or AWESOME idea if we could combine modulators or weapons. Just like lego’s we can or should be able to build some awesome stuff? What should be the effect of using this type of tech? Just like drugs side effect after running it? Should it cost ton of iskes by making it one use like ammo?

T1+T1= T2?
T1+T2= T3?
T2+T2= T4?
T3+T2= T5?
T3+T3= T6?

Other brainstorming question. Would be that if you dye in a T3 ship you would lose skill points. Why don’t we have level beyond 5 in the training Q? So long term players who PVP or Npc run should be able to gain extra skill points for that other level in the Q. Maybe it’s time we just re-balance the training levels to 4 and make level 5 the new “time in game” by doing more you gain points for that level 5.

multi players per ships? Gain more fittings from this game play?

more details and topic’s.



No. It doesn’t work like that, you obviously did not realise that different techs have… DIFFERENT TECHS.

Joining a crappy tech 1 and duck taping it with another crappy tech 1 will make a Minmatar ship… I mean… Just the same Tech 1, because its all the same technology.

And the multi player ships would fumble big time. Because guess what, nobody will trust anyone else asides one of their 10 alts. A neat idea I’ll give you that, reminds me of Cho Gall in Heroes of the Storm where 2 players control 1 hero and each player had their role, but in a game like EvE where multiboxing is allowed it is kinda pointless.

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I dunno… if you strapped 15 bolt action rifles together with some kind of mechanism to operate the bolt and pull the trigger, you could have a decent machine gun! There are times I wish Canada didn’t suck when it came to gun laws, it would be devilishly fun to try this.

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This has to be a troll. No one could accidentally combine all the worst ideas of the Features and Ideas forum from the past 2 years into one post on accident…

This is like the opposite of a greatest hits album :unamused:


A machine gun is the simplification of this multiple rifle idea. They made a system that fire the rifle, process the reload mechanism and then repeat those steps. 10 rifle that does this is just a giant mess that produce lesser results.

As for Canda’s gun laws, they are like that because there is not much to gain to allow more as opposed to the political shitstorm whoever enacted more loose laws would have to navigate through.

Alright class repeat after me: We. Do not. Need. T3. Modules. Adding an even more beneficial and skill heavy set of the same modules doesn’t doesn’t do a hell of a lot for balance or quality of life, it just makes every T2 module completely useless now.

At the risk of turning this thread into a political shitstorm, I must frankly disagree.

“Legality” has absolutely no correlation to “posession”. I’m Canadian, and I’m a firearms owner. If I wanted to harm people, the laws would not limit my destructive potential even one iota. All it does is give them the ability to throw the rule book at them a bit harder after the fact.

On the point of automatic weapons, I have 3 which could easily be modified to select fire. I would never bother because semi is just as effective.

On the topic of mag capacity, a semi-auto may have not more than 5 round mags… however a STANAG 50 beowulf 5 round mag will hold ~15 5.56… legally. I have 30 round mags pinned at 5, which a drill could return to 30 round capacity in roughly 5 seconds.

And yet a dude who stops at a McDonalds drivethrough on his way home from the range with a pistol locked safely and legally can be arrested on the spot for violating his transport permit.

It’s already a god-awful mess, with little rhyme or reason, and it does nothing to protect anyone. Ironically, it’s identical to concord… won’t keep you safe, but will try to punish the people who hurt you.

You definitely just went on an completely unrelated rant. Good work.

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