Pipe Bombers 'R Us is recruiting

Pipe Bombers 'R Us is an NRDS Corporation proving to all of New Eden that NRDS is powerful even when it does not have any territory.

What is Pipe Bombers 'R Us? PBRUs is a corporation of alts who run Anti-Ganking efforts against CODE and Goonwarm targets that have been found to be ganking in High Sec. Otherwise non-members of the ganks from Goonswarm will not be targeted.

NRDS tactics brought to you the High Sec corporation from tactics that the alliance in Null use.

The goal of PBRUs is too:

  1. Protect High Sec from suicide ganking.
  2. Scoop the loot dropped by the ganked ship and return it too its rightful owner.
  3. Destroy the loot dropped by ganked ship to tear CODE to bits.
  4. Destroy the ganker Bump Mach and ECM Blackbird of CODE prior to the gank if possible.

Ships that are suggested to use in fleets are:

Pipe Bombing
Frigates to Battle Cruisers fit with EMP or Explosive Smart Bombs and resists for both types of damage.

A Pipe Bomb Fleet will need to havve at least ten ships in the fleet.

Long range alts not in the corp can assist as well when the gank fleet arrives by shooting at them. Remember all DPS counts in taking out a gank ship.


For those wanting to Anti-Gank Code but don’t have the heart to hurt CODE, which is exceptable, there still is a way grief them, here is how you can help with a non-lethal tactic.

First get in a fleet of 20 or so Rookie frigates fit a single Stasis Webber and MWD. Once the target that is being bumped has been identified burn to it and orbit it at 5,000m. Lock the target that CODE is intending on ganking up as you would a normal target. Once CODE lands on its perch ready to attack, web the target ship.

With CONCORD on the field and no way for CODE to pull them away CODE’s gank is sure to fail every time thus saving the gank target and you the Capsuleer truly becoming the real SAVIOR of High Sec.

In both scenarios however you will lose your ship as well as security status in this elite form of anti-ganking. But in the end its merely an alt.

The same tactic can be used to protect miners with as well.

  1. Drop a can in the belt that you are intending to mine in with your main character
  2. Log out and then back in with your Alt
  3. Attack the can with the Alt so that CONCORD spawns into the belt.
  4. CONCORD will attack your alt destroying but will remain in the belt.
  5. Return and mine in peace.
  6. Repeat 1 through 5 every time CONCORD leaves the belt.

With CONCORD already in the belt CODE and the two or three ships they use to gank your mining barge will not be able to gank it.

These are just a few tactics the pilots of Pipe Bombers 'R Us will be delivering to CODE and other gankers this year in our attempt to remedy the Can’t Cope w/ Code Problem.

In delivering these Pipe Bomb Death Blossoms in a wonderful bouquet of colors to CODE we will collect their tears by the bucket full to water the garden of New Eden. The beautiful young shield maidens and their Webber ships will undoubtedly collect their own CODE tears as well, what lovely necklaces and rings those CODE tears have been set in, very wonderful my lady.

PBRUs sincerely hopes that this delivery service, not to be confused with the ultimately famous other service, has provided you with a means to finally make CODE cry and end their corrupt ways along with providing them with what they want most…content.

Sincerely and with admiration,

Dryson Beninngton

Can you feel that Kannibal Kane! Huh! Huh! Huh!

We have exercised the CODE.

High Sec is clear.

My first bump…I guess I should do it with style.

ok? Why you naming me in your idiotic thread?

You have certainly slowed CODE. down I see.

Month of march they only killed 5,212 ship/pods at an isk total of 2.1 Trillion.


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