Pirate Bounty Contracts

Here is an idea worth considering since so many Eve players enjoy blowing up Pirate Rats and doing Empire Missions.

I’d like the Pirate factions to offer a bounty/kill contract on players that have a very low standing with a Pirate faction. The reward can be a large amount of LP, unique items, etc.

A player that accepts a contract within a Pirate station can then be issued a one time use DED jammer where Concord and Empire Navies will not detect or engage the player until they find their target and they open fire. Then the player gets a 5 minute window to kill the mark before Concord intervenes. After that normal play mechanics take over.

I’m sure there’s more adjustment needed for this, but I like the idea of assassins working for NPC Pirate factions taking out players that rat endlessly. :slightly_smiling_face:

All you’re asking for is increased tedious standing grinds for the majority of players and for new players to get caught with their pants down after yet another exception to expected rules.


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