Pirate missions

Would be nice if we could have level 5 pirate missions, would make it faster to farm the lp for them

If you farm LP faster, you devalue the LP and earn less in the end. Hence: No, L4 missions are not needed at all as the rewards for these missions are already being depressed a lot by escalations and other DED/combat signatures.


but faster lp would mean more bpcs for vehements, vendettas and vanquishers at the market

Which results in much lower prices because no one buys these ships as they are not worth their ISK compared to their capabilities. So, you get more BPCs on the market but less rewards for them … and then you try to offload your massive LP pool in other things and depress Vindicators, Vigilants and Daredevils as well (even more so than they already are due to them not being possible to be produced). And it goes on and on with modules, implant sets, ammo.

You don’t need more LP. You need less of them so that the things become more valuable.


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