PIrate Outpost Bases and Mining in HIghsec

Since I’ve come back to the game I see these appear in my Agency tab.

How far to the harder rats travel from them? I guess the question is how many jumps away from the outpost do I have to be to not lose my barge? Completely gone - in which case where I can go is really restricted and I will likely knock this on the head, or is just adjacent systems etc.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Usually they’ll be within a few jumps. Just check your dscan, if you see Blood Raiders or the FOB then go mine somewhere else.

DSCAN is your friend, even in hisec. By using it you can see if there are naughty catalysts/thrashers, nice abandoned drones, hanger containers for looting, active mission/combat runners for ninja looting & salvage …

Thank you for that. That’s what I am doing but I thought if I am spamming Dscan I may as well be somewhere where I can get more profit!

I just wondered if there was a mechanic eg there is a base in X system and the NPCs will roam Y number of systems.

You don’t have to spam V, it’s just a case of scouting the system you plan to mine in beforehand, just 2 mins effort.

The FOB (forward operating base) or Pirate Stronghold rats stay in system. You can tell them apart from other NPC rats because they have a diamond shape in front of their name.

They restrict themselves to attacking structures or to appearing in asteroid belts. This means you can still rat in combat anomalies. But, if you want to mine, simply go to any adjacent system.

Ok thank you for the information that is exactly what I wanted to hear - I was just worried they would travel from systems say 3 jumps aways. Basically small gang awareness required in highsec.

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