Pirate Strongholds (FOBs) in Agency?

Hi, many of us in our corp have seen that you have to be within the same system as a Pirate Stronghold FOB in order for the Agency to show it. We go 1 jump away and it disappears from the Agency. We thought this is how it’s supposed to be, but that section of the Agency has a search function to search many jumps away for those Pirate Strongholds. Is this bugged, or is it supposed to be how I’ve been experiencing it, even with the search function there ?

As far as I recall you should be able to see them from a distance too not sure if there supposed to be a range limit but I clearly recall seeing them even a dozen jumps away as well so either a new glitch or ccp stealth changed it or you somehow limited the range in which to show things if that is possible at all. Either way if it is a deliberate change but still works through search then that is a bug (as well). Best if you ask in a support ticket I think.

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