Why are Pirate Strongholds showing "Unavailable" in The Agency

What is happening to Pirate Strongholds today – The Agency shows “Unavailable” in red. Some players report being able to see Pirate Strongholds, but most see “unavailable”

Think they only show up in a certain range? Try moving around.

I agree there must be some internally set distance limiter on FOB detection range. I have had the unavailable show up in agency before, then stumbled across one like 9+ jumps out. Later, I have exploration range scan set at 2 jumps, but it still shows 2 to be out at 4 jumps away. Maybe I just need to fiddle with the Agency settings and screens for a bit and see what I am doing incorrectly.

This ^

Its very annoying.

i think the range is locked to constalation that you are in

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