The Agency Bug?

Is there a bug with the Agency? I am asking because the Pirate Stronghold is not showing the Pirate Strong hold one jump away. The Agency used to show Pirate Strongholds 3-5 jumps away.

Is this a bug or another feature that CCP did not mean to put into the game?

You have to probe it down the signature

I understand the location to warp to it needs to be scanned down. If you look in the Agency now it only show you the Pirate Stronghold when you are in system with it. The Agency used to show you the Pirate system from 3-5 away, so you could plan you trips around it.

I am asking why the dang Agency was changed or is it a bug because it dang sure wasn’t in any of the patch notes!

The Agency has done this ever since its introduction. I have bug reported it in the distant past and recieved “unable to reproduce” feedback.

It may fix itself after a DT.

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No the Agency used to show you the system the Pirate Stronghold 3-5 systems away. I had multiple screen shots of 3-4 Pirate Strongholds within 3-5 systems. I guess CCP did not like that and removed being able to see them that far.

Yesterday in game, I saw 2 Pirate Stronghold 1 system away and one Pirate Stronghold only when I got in that system. Something is wrong with the Agency or the game.

Yes that is how it should work / has worked. What I am saying is the bug you are experiencing has been around for a while (years?). The problem is getting it to reproduce for the CCP’ers.

Bug report it please.

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