Guristas kestrel with diamond, but no pirate strongholds

I’ve just recently noticed that my ships were being attacked by those guristas kestrels, and read up on it says that they come from pirate strongholds, however when I check it at the agency it says unavailable. Another ISK sink in HS?

The Agency can be a little slow updating those.

If you want to be sure grab some combat probes and expanded probe launcher and scan for “Forward Observation Base”.

Nope, none could be found

I’ve seen them too. Usually just 2 or so ships left in a belt for whatever reason it could be, I’d wager that they didn’t get the memo to move forward. Design flaw or intentional, doesn’t matter so much. As a high-sec living is secure enough, even with those guys around. Just warp away or kill them, and problem solved.

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