Planetary data?

Just getting back into eve after a 7 year break, I remember an old resource that listed all the planetary output and you could search for the best planets within a certain range. Is there a resource available like this anymore and if so where would I look to find it? Thank you for any advice.

Do you mean something like this?

similar, but it listed the planets in each system and how much of a product they would output

Late reply but are you talking about the planetary view on the agency page? You can access it by going to the agency, then to resource harvesting and then planetary industry if that’s what your referring to. If not I know of other good PI tools I use that are outside of Eve. Is the resource your looking for inside the game or outside?

it was outside of the game,gave you a jump range and the raw data on a planets output. was a web page

It might be this, this sounds very similar to what you are describing: EWT - Planetary (

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