EVE PI - Planetary Interaction Android App

It’s as easy as PI!
- Slogan courtesy of (purloined from) Snowedin

EVE PI will help you look after your planetary colonies!

Current features

  • Login with multiple characters
  • See all your planetary extractors ordered by their expiration times
  • Filter extractors by character
  • Easily see which extractors need your attention with animations and accent colours
  • Configurable notifications inform you when extractors need attention
  • Detailed extractor overviews, showing graphs for extraction amounts
  • 3D Planet view showing you your facilities on the planet surface
  • A list of products and their average prices
  • Top sell and buy orders from your chosen market hub for each product
  • A navigable tree of products.

Features coming soon™

  • Visualizing factory production and projected expiry times
  • Projection of reaching storage limits
  • Controls for the 3d viewer


Slightly out of date video of features.

Available on Google Play