Planetary destruction

just going to ask if we can see the trigs nuke some planets in the game.

have it so something is going down and it quickly escalates into an epic battle over 2-5 days, of which due to capsuleer intervention they’ll loose…

plot twist

Trigs: “if we can’t have this planet, no one will” destroys the planet

perhaps this could be part of a greater plot in which the triglavians do this causing massive system disruption in key areas allowing for sympathisers to move more freely throughout new eden and to possibly infiltrate edencomm.

This is unlikely as CCP has stopped the Edencom/trig storyline for some time now after the war.

Right now, EDI is in HS to prevent more systems being taken and trigs are doing whatnot in pochven. Both groups are in their nice and neat bubbles.

My golem stands ready to nuke more triangles if they show up in force again. :saluting_face:

I’m sure it will come back after the successful integration of dust 2.0

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